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Attention all party people in the place to be!
I have just purchased a fake palm tree. Oh, the things I do for Homestar... It's currently shoved in the compy room until I find a more prominent place for it.

Me in a Nutshell

No, this is me in a nutshell. "Help I'm in a nutshell!"
Real Name- Chrissy
What to Call Me- Mib, Mibby, that sort of thing
Birthday- May 25, 1991 Yes, I'm only 14.
Origin of screenname- A stupid decision to make a sn honoring Michael Ian Black when I was 13 and now I can't get rid of it
First thing watched on Homestar- dragon, like pretty much everybody else
Obsessed with Homestar because- Two words: Matt Chapman, I'll watch anything that man makes, but it happens to be funny too.
Homestar Merch I Own- Marzipan shirt, Strong Sad shirt Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits, Everybody Everybody Poster, strongbad_email.exe disc 1-3 and 4, Everything Else, Volume 1, and both figurine sets
Current Homestar Related Project- Trying to find anything I might be missing from my Homestar mirror
Project that Actually Helps the Wiki- Not likely to ever figure one out. I don't contribute much, but that's mainly because there's nothing to do! You people are so efficient and can make a better page about Hamburger Shampoo than I could.
Proudest Contributions to the Wiki (A.K.A. all I've ever done for the wiki)- I've transcribed two interviews, the second R!OT Radio Interview and the Bobby Blackwolf podcast. I helped with the TrogdorCon '97 page, including adding the update to the main page and most of the transcript and I found If I Ran the Camera and wrote a bit of the page. I also managed to get my email from Matt Chapman on the The Brothers Chaps' Fansite Acknowledgments page without knowing, but I'm probably most proud of the wiki for managing to do that within the 20 minutes I'm not on per day.
Most Memorable Moment On the Wiki- For some reason, one of my first edits to the now gone Quotes page. If you count forum memories, the day I was watched A Jorb Well Done and figured out where ramrod came from.
Current Favorite Quote- Strong Bad: And it's just like, look— you know, that guy in school in third grade that made fun of you all the time? Yeah, he didn't really have a crush on you, he just made fun of you. He said you were ugly, he thought you were ugly, man! You know, there was no, like, hidden agenda there.
Current Favorite Wiki Quote- BazookaJoe: Well, BazookaJoe, why don't you be bold.
Contact- Just leave a message on my talk page. I'll get it fastest there. You can also IM me if you have AIM. My screenname is mibluvr13.

External Links

Blog Good for a laugh, with me or at me.
Something that I saw when transcribing a TBC interview. Not edited in anyway. It's exactly as I saw it and screenshoted it. A little creepy, huh?
Not really an external link for me, but something I couldn't resist linking to.

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