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Me in a Nutshell

No, this is me in a nutshell. "Help I'm in a nutshell!"
Real Name- Chrissy
Birthday- May 25, 1991
Origin of screenname- A stupid decision to make a sn honoring Michael Ian Black when I was 13 and now I can't get rid of it... I'm not that big of a fan anymore. On the other parts of the internet, I'm known as Zelinda, Seajewl (an even older username), and very occasionally, behindtheblack.
First thing watched on Homestar- dragon, like pretty much everybody else, and then the facts, which I still think is much better.
Obsessed with Homestar because- It's nothing but consistent humor made with the right attitude by the right people.
Homestar Merch I've Purchased- See the userbox ->
Homestar Merch I've Recieved- A much too large The Pizz shirt, a drawing, I believe, of Bennedetto, the Strong Bad paper towel tube from Sample of Style (easily the best series/intro music they've made), and what I think is about half of the current patches set.
Current Homestar Related Project- Debating what to do with my half-finished Timeline and unmaintained mirror. Also: finally visiting a Mellow Mushroom with my Atlanta based boyfriend (promise that's not the reason I'm with him), which had great bacon, chicken, and pepperoni pizza, but upset my stomach.
Project that Actually Helps the Wiki- What I mostly do is transcribe the few interviews that the wiki doesn't get to before me and the DVD commentaries.
Proudest Contributions to the Wiki (a.k.a. all I've ever done for the wiki)- I've transcribed two interviews, the second R!OT Radio Interview and the Bobby Blackwolf podcast. I helped with the TrogdorCon '97 page, including adding the update to the main page and most of the transcript and I found If I Ran the Camera and wrote a bit of the page. I also managed to get my email from Matt Chapman on the The Brothers Chaps' Fansite Acknowledgments page without knowing. Other than that, I did quite a bit of the original sbemail subtitling and a lot of DVD commentaries, mostly from Volume 1.
Why I don't DO anything on the Wiki- There's nothing to do! You people can make a better page about Hamburger Shampoo than I ever could. It may seem like I barely come here, but this is still my homepage. I don't spend as much time here as I used to spend, as some little things called "World of Warcraft" and "meeting the creators and therefore, completing my fandom" and most importantly, "realizing that the wiki runs quite fine without me".
Most Memorable Moment On the Wiki- Um, no idea. Maybe... um. Oh, my brief stint as ladeezluvlarry71 and the resulting mini-chaos on the wiki.
Current Favorite Quote- MATT: And I had no idea what para— I remember, like, getting the dictionary out and, because, I thought that would, like, when I found out what parapets meant— I would like, it was like the key to it, and I'm just like, "What? It's just like a wall, tower in a castle?"
Current Favorite Wiki Quote- Loafing: "She was a brain sister, one way ticket yeah"?!?!?
Contact- Just leave a message on my talk page. I'll get it fastest there. You can also IM me if you have AIM. I'm mostly on ladeezluvlarry71.

External Links

Best day of my life - Yep. Yep. I'm third from the left.
My Constantly Updated Blog, Even After Four Years - Good for a laugh, with me or at me.
Something that I saw when transcribing a TBC interview. Not edited in anyway. It's exactly as I saw it and screenshotted it. A little creepy, huh?
Not really an external link for me, but something I couldn't resist linking to... even after four years. Still makes me laugh every time.

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