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Lustmyeyes is a user on the Homestar wiki. Her real name is Amy and she lives in Victoria, Australia.
Well yeah. Thats me. Amy.

Shes a pretty regular teenager who happens to be another obsessive fan of Amy spends her time at school studying, at home watching homestarrunner cartoons or sleeping. Okay, so maybe not just that but whatever. Amy would like to give a big thanks to Brightstar Shiner who gave her a headstart in the picture embed game. THANKYOU ! =]

Relationship with The Brothers Chap

Amy doesn't know them in any way, shape or form. She wishes she did.

Amy and Films

Amy is a filmmaker and co-owns a small unofficial producton company type thing with her friends called "Half Eaten Productions" The other half owner of the group is Will, a pretty awesome kid who makes games. He can be found if you google his alias "Sinz3ro" Google it. You know you want to. Anyway, Amy enjoys film-making immensely and hopes all goes well for the film and game company. Please check them out.

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