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[edit] Itsa me!

Hi my name is ***** but you can call me Kowala. I am in-between the ages of 0-1000 I found the homestar runner website in an odd way. It was in the summer between my 5th-6th grade, and I was at summer camp during computer fun time. People were into baseball cards, and I wanted to know what the big deal with base ball was. I accidentally, instead of typing all star, I typed Home star. ands thats when I found it. After that, I told other people about it and it became super popular at my camp. After summer camp, I forgot all about it for a few years till presently, my friend rediscovered it and sent me the link. Im extremely happy to have found it again, and.....thats my story.

[edit] Stuff

I am able to draw the Homestar Runner characters pretty well, I got board over my spring break and started making Homestar items. All the main characters in different forms of art. I will put images of my work up when I have a chance. For now, I will make a list of the things Im making(X= finished, Bold=in progress):

  • 'XHomestar: Skateboard
  • X Strong Bad: Plushie (Makeing new one)
  • PomPom: Paper mache
  • Marzipan: Ceramic
  • The Cheat: life size Cardboard cutout
  • Strongsad: Painting
  • Bubz: Wooden figurine
  • Couch Z: Clay figurine
  • Strong Mad: Wooden box( Any other sujestions?)
  • HomSar: Water colors
  • Poopsmith: detailed fancy sketch
  • KOT: Food art (any other Ideas?)
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