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HELLO! and Happy Monday!

i'm kermit1234, and this is a USER PAGE!

Currently Listening To: "Slippin' and Slidin'" covered by John Lennon and
"Don't Let's Start" by They Might Be Giants (but I'm not so sure that they are )
Currently Watching: Flight of the Conchords (various episodes)




Blockquote Of Contents

How I Came About These Parts

i came about these parts when I was lookin for homestar runner stuff on the web. this popped up and ever since, i go to this page every time i open firefox (it's in my daily's section with news from David Bowie Wonderworld)

What I Am

Which Homestar Runner character are you?
this quiz was made by jurjyfrort
I have a feminine infuence on people, even though I'm a guy!

The Name

i found this name somewheres on the web and i thought it suited me perfectly. (stolen is such a harsh word)


This is the place for the people who helped me throughout my wiki history:

In The Beginning
  • Foop The DJ- for welcoming me into this awesome wiki
  • Trey56- for helping me out with the userboxes, signature, and my first uploaded picture
The Weekend Of Signature Help

These people have helped me during the weekend mentioned above with my signature:

  • Sysrq868
  • Homestar-winner
  • OptimisticFool
  • Qermaq
  • Loafing

Userboxes That I Made


Anyone can use any of the userboxes I made. (Spread the word about cheese!) Anyone who gets the Bowie references, please sign your name on the spot on my talk page and write what thou art more of.


Random Quotes

Ringo: There's more here than meets the eye!
George: Ho ho!
John: Ho.
CARD: Everyone laughs at Ringo's sudden apprehension.
George: Ho ho.
John: Ho.
George: Ho ho ho ho ho ho.
John: Ho.
George: Ho ho.
John: Huh ho.

"When we see people running around in circles, we call them idiots. When we see planets running around in circles, we call it orbiting." - Anonymous
"Doo doot. Tch. Doo doo dit. Tch. Doot doo doot. Tch. It's the hold music, do doot. Tch. Pa doo doot. Tch. Boodoo doo doot. Tch. Hold music!" Homestar Runner

The End

Remember, if you need to tell me something, positive or negative (hopefully positive) just click my little guy (Kermit1234_icon.jpeg) or click the link on the top. So...

"And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make" - The last lines of The Beatles on an album ("Her Majesty" was originally supposed to be after "Polythene Pam")

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