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File:dot.PNG File:badsmile3184crop.PNG

OMG I THINK IS Homestar's Cousion and Homeschool's sis in the compe email

STRONG BAD: Checkin' My Email Checkin' My Email is sooooo AWESOMEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STRONG BAD: Yeah i hate a pile of diapers even Coach Z Must do it COACH Z: Strorng Brad I know Homester Ruinner did a great Jorb today STRONG BAD: What the crap it was in Email#1 (cut to some kinda robot where strong bad was going on the Tandy) STRONG BAD: (in his mexican accent) Ah the Tondy lets-a check-a those-a emaiels oh who's the guy check those-a emails thats me Stilerong Bad

(Cut back to 2011) STRONG BAD: Uh mon (clears throt) Uh man all well all right huh

&npse Click here to email Strong bad
Click here to watch Some Kinda Robot
Click here to watch A Jorb Well Done

</blockquote> STRONG BAD: Whoa Compé-per those green strips and its The Paper-like

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