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Hey there, everypeoples! My name is Joshua and I'm sixteen years old. I love the Homestar Runner website and The Cheat is my favorite character. I found this site while looking for a 50K Racewalk guide on Google and have been contributing to it ever since. I strong suggest you visit the Fanstuff Wiki. It is awesome, and I'm a sysop there. :)
Although I spend most of my time on the Fanstuff Wiki, working on projects such as Tampo Emails, I am a heavy contributor here. The following section will show you alphabetically the pages that I have greatly worked on, some more than others. Even the ones I call "Minor Contributions" are large.

[edit] Major Contributions

[edit] Minor Contributions

So that is all I need to say here. For more information on me, see my Fanstuff Wiki Userspace.
This is Joshua, signing off.
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