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I like Homestar. I discovered it late 2003 between mid-October and mid-November.



Strong Sad is my favorite character.
My second favorite is Homsar.
Strong Mad is my least favorite.
My favorite email is caffiene because it is pretty funny.
The email spring cleaning is pretty boring. All that is happening is: DELETED DELETED DELETED.

On The Internet

Me thinks that one of the other sites that is pretty good is
Two other sites that I think are good are and Those are some other good sites.
One of the best sites (that is not is


I might add some more but... I'll be on the wiki.

If you cannot contact me here, try contacting me here.


Cube Mods

Me thinks that the best thing ever seen/done/eaten is the Rubik's Cube. I have made two mods so far. Here they are:

I know you all want these.

The one on the left is the Siamese Cube and the one on the right is the Crystal Cube. So far both of them have been destroyed.

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