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Me in my studio.

Hello. I'm Johnny Jupiter. I've been a big fan of both Homestar Runner and this wiki for a long time now. I'm not as involved with the wiki as I used to be, though, mainly because there hasn't been any new content on the Homestar Runner site for so long, and frankly I think there isn't much to say about existing toons that hasn't already been said. I would like to add an interesting note, however. I just recently saw Play Date for the first time. I thought that I'd seen everything on the site, but somehow this one slipped by me when it was released and I knew nothing about it until yesterday when the "rando" link landed on it. Needless to say, I was very pleased to see new (to me) content.


[edit] A Few Things About Me

Not my band.

My real name is Paul McCoy. I'm 41 years old, and I live in Potosi, Missouri, about an hour or so from St. Louis. The main thing I do with most of my time is play with and promote my band Gizburg Duck. I also really enjoy Magic: The Gathering and Fooly Cooly.

[edit] Homestar Runner

The first thing on I ever saw was the Everybody to the Limit video at a friends house, and I hated it. It wasn't until like a year or so later that I wandered back on to the site and saw english paper (which was the new sbemail at the time). I loved it, but I didn't realize right away it was the same site I saw Everybody to the Limit on. It wasn't until I'd already watched a bunch more sbemails and got hooked that I made my way to the rest of the toons and made the connection. I think that I was initially turned off by PBTC-style being my first experience with the site, but now that I understand PBTC is supposed to look poorly slapped together, I can totally dig the #1 summer jam. The live version of the song on Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits is freakin' awesome. (I wish I could have been at that concert.)

[edit] My favorite pieces of the Homestar Runner Body of Work

  • Compy-era- As far as I'm concerned, the peak of Strong Bad emails was the middle of the Compy-era. Maybe this is just because it's the era I jumped in on, but it just seems like they had a more spontaneous, "makin' crap up" style of humor back then. I still think the newer ones are funny, but they just seem more structured and planned out. That takes away from the Homestar charm. My favorite sbemail of all time is virus, but I also love the process, dragon (Taster's Choice), different town (TMBG!!!), there's so many...
That tickles!
  • Homsar- Do I really need to elaborate?
  • Strong Sad's Lament- I'm not really big on blogs and livejournals and myspaces and all that, but I really wish this and Marzipan's Answering Machine were updated more often and had a degree user interactivity like Strong Bad Emails, just because it can't always be about Strong Bad. The way that Strong Sad's Lament is hidden so obscurely and very rarely referenced ever so vaguely, yet is still updated somewhat regularly, gives Strong Sad, and really the whole site, more depth. It makes it almost seem like Strong Sad is a real person.
  • Stinkoman 20X6- Any day now, I'ma get to play level 10.
  • TMBG & Zelda- These are a few of my favorite things, occasionally making appearances in Free Country, USA. I also just about hurt myself laughing when I first saw the Akira refrence in 3 Times Halloween Funjob.

[edit] H*R Wiki

Snarky Wagglehead

I have been a registered user on the Homestar Runner Wiki for 18 years and 1 months. I originally went by the username Antisexy (a name which I have since grown to hate), and in my early days, I sometimes had a tendency to be very snarky and contrary, as seen in some of my earliest talk page edits. For a time, I abandoned my username and only made anonymous, equally snarky contributions as and Since I've gained more experience on the Wiki, I've tried to be more productive and constructive in my contributions, although I do still tend to get a little too argumentative every now and then. (In real life, I'm actually much easier to get along with. People who know me would definitely say I'm more like Homestar than Strong Bad.)

I first came across Homestar Runner Wiki completely on accident through a really weird stroke of dumb luck. I wanted to find a fansite or archive site where I could find more info on I think I was specifically wondering about how the sbemail menu screen used to have a link on it for "older emails" that didn't really do anything, but other than that, I just wanted a place where I could look up random fun facts on the site. This was all back before I'd ever heard of Wikipedia at all. But when I was at my computer on Google ready to look it up, it was really late, and I was really tired and worn out, and I wasn't completely paying attention to what I was doing. So instead of typing "Homestar Runner" or "Strong Bad Email" or something like that, without even realizing it, I typed "jibblie jibblie" and hit enter. I didn't really even connect in my mind that jibblie was something Strong Bad said; those just happened to be the first random words that came to my fingers. But sure enough, the first link that came up was the H*R Wiki page on your friends. I was shocked. Exactly what I was looking for. So anyway, I discovered H*R Wiki, and shortly afterwards discovered Wikipedia, and I've been unable to live without either ever since.

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