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Me as Homsar, Halloween 2007.

The torch has been passed to a new Homsar-costume-guy. At least I'm still hidden somewhere on the site. I haven't found a good use for the hat since last Halloween.

Some of my favorite lines/moments:

Actual favorites and least favorites

I "borrowed" this from User:Sam the Man, at the risk of him wanting to kill my legs.

My discovery of Homestar Runner

While browsing through the new music videos section on iTunes in the spring of 2005, I discovered the music video for Experimental Film. They Might Be Giants were quickly becoming my favorite band, so I looked into it. It was one of the weirdest things I ever saw at the time. My thoughts included:

  • "'Directed by Strong Sad and The Cheat' Who?"
  • "Wow, that guy looks funny. Is he Strong Sad?"
  • "Whoa, this is cool."
  • "Whoa, that guy is weird looking."
  • "Triangle Man?" ("Triangle Man" was mentioned in an earlier TMBG song called "Particle Man").

Stuff like that. Eventually, by July, I decided to look for information on the video. I followed a link that mentioned the commentary. I heard some voices, including one that sounded like a friend of mine. At the end, I clicked on the back link, and found myself in a strange place. After clicking on the "main" link at the bottom, I saw that funny-looking kid from the video. I saw a button tht read "First Time Here?" and figured that that would tell me where the heck I was. I found out who Homestar was, and Strong Bad, then went back to the main page (I don't remember which one) and clicked on the characters button. I knew who Homestar, Strong Bad, and Strong Sad were, so I clicked on The Cheat, and found out that that was the little yellow thing that was coming out of Strong Sad's hands. Then I wondered who the guy with the M was. I looked for something that started with M, and ended up seeing Marzipan for the first time. I later found out that that cube guy was Strong Mad. This was all so confusing, so I looked around the net for some information. I ended up here, and was still considering joining when RACIST RUINED MY WIKI! ##############. I officially became a fan of HR by October. So, there you go.

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