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he's cool!
i'm jibney! yay!
My mom's favorite character?!?
Image:knowledgebase-banner-200px.png oh by the way, we want
we want you! for the jibneyarmy!
for the jibney army.

this may be wierd but..... The Announcer is one of my favorite charecters. for some reason,just something about him...i have a clay model of him i play with alot. it's awesome. so........sup'? umm.....sorry, strong sad is bugging me about him getting on. bye.

now to write in my lament...........

OMG, i'm back in black! Well, i'm.....back in white! not saying i'm racist, i'm just....not black, but i'm against slavery...and, stuff. if someone offered me a slave, i'd say no. so.......I'M BACK!

old stuffs


i first experienced homestar when i was 8-ish...when my sister went to it. the first thing i did was watch "the house that gave sucky treats" the newest SBmail was mile. and, a funny thing, i didn't think that you could scroll down until a few weeks later. i am currently 10. (i know, i'm young) and now i'm addicted to homestarunner and strong bad. my favorite character is strong bad, second, homestar, third, homsar, fourth, the anouncer, fith, marshie, and sixth is ss probaly, and now my school bacpack, (the strong bad totebag) is cool, i own the figurines, both sets. and the cheat doll, (wich is out of batteries. grr....) and the bumper stickers, my dad has a homestar-running shirt, other stuff too. i'm saying "jorb" all the time. and alot of times, i'm saying part of a a sentence that a homestar character has said,and then i stumble into that sentence. example: "done and done" i say "done and done frasier" so, yeah, call me an addict- i don't care. anyway.....


i was doin' a google search on "homestar" and one of the results was "h*r wiki" i was there during the "ye olde wiki" and now i'm on here alot.

ok, i'm done.

let's sing a song of tinfoil! i mean penzzoil!!

nice moustache.
last email.
current email.

first e-mail..

worst email ever! seriously. i was dissapointed.
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