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Oh haldo! i will make this page soon. so till then watch this!

Huh? You watched it eh? Well here's the page... i am Jfilesguy, i'm on the forum as... er, um jfilesguy. i'm also on some other wedsite that has nothing to do with Homestar.



[edit] What i Likes to do on the Wiki

i used to think i was a gnome, but now i know i'm not a very good one... now i spend my days putting links on articalles and adding other stuff.

[edit] My history with Homester The Runner

I learned about Homestar when a YouTuber i liked made a review of SBCG4AP. i thought it was reall funny! so i when on H*Rdotcom and laughed my head of at First Time Here?. since then i loved Homestar

[edit] The Meaning of Life

STUB'D! This section of the page is incomplete. You can help the Homestar Runner Wiki by expanding it.

[edit] The End

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