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[[File:secretstyles.gif|thumnail|downloaded by me]]
[[File:secretstyles.gif|thumnail|downloaded by me]]
I'm in a D&D club rn and everyone keeps making dragon seducing jokes and I said "Not trogdor" and drew him and then they started screaming about seducing troggy :'( im crying rn

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[edit] Helscome to my user page, it's not done

For the sake of Barberzdry, here's bald Graw Mad

downloaded by me



Hello, I met Matt Chapman in a Coffee shop and i was in contact with him for a little bit.


I created a spinoff of homestar called jimmy zenshins. Here are some links to look about it.

Heres a cool picture:
"Is this a forest or a living room?"




Ask me about this spinoff on my discord or those things i listed

(Get my discord through Twitter DMs)





Jeffjman[1] 21:03, 17 June 2020 (UTC)

See below

Meme about Jimmy:

This is real.
System report:
Watch my latest cartoon: Fuse with Shrimpy

I have been trying to make this point for years, Mr. Bossman is The Boss from Jimmy Zenshins, the similarities are uncanny, and NO i did not base him off of mr bossman, I could ask Strong Bad, he could confirm it! or maybe not... He might just say "this boss guy went back in time into the old timey universe so he could become mr. bossman and everyone would stop accusing him of stealing the look]]

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