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About Me

Everybody loves the me! My name is Haley. I'm one of the top French Horn players in the honors band at my school. I'm also in the GT program. It stands for Gifted and Talented, but we're better known for being "the weird class!". I'm also in choir, (one of my lesser-interests)...and don't do a whole lot else!

My friends really like me, even though they say I'm annoying at times-which I am! I have ADD/ADHD, but I'm freakin' proud of it! It makes me the energetic bundle of joy that I am, and I'm gonna stick to that belief until I'm a wery old. I also like to use big words, (though I haven't used a whole lot so far) but I'll try not to when I'm editing!

My own page is a stub. I'll figure out how to make it better later!


So far, with this and my old account have made a couple of big contributions. Created the page emails taken in a different direction and just recently, asked if there was a page about Bubs's shady business practices but there wasn't so someone else made one with my idea. That counts, too.

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