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Symbolical of Homsar7


[edit] Return

After a hiatus of 4 months, Homsar7 returns to the HR Wiki by way of an e-mail, saying that he's been accepted into Sir Strong Bad's notorious gang. While balancing school work, friends, and the like, Homsar7 will roam all of the places, new cartoons, and things of the HR Wiki.

Still the guitar weilding kid, Eric has expanded his musical instrumental ablities to keyboards and drums. He plans to release music into the world for all to hear.

[edit] The Interview

In a recent interview with The Statoma, Eric was asked about his musical ability, his life, and other different things. (NOTE: Dirty words have been censored to keep young minds on this sight pure)

The Statoma: Hello Eric, may we call you that?

Eric: Yes, go on. (shifts in his chair)

TS: So, how has it been transferring from public school to private?

E: Well, I only had one friend whom I was close with that I knew was going there, so it was a bit of challange.

TS: What have you learned so far?

E: Whatever the teachers teach us, its always gonna tie into God. (laughs) Also, half the preps are ******* and the rest are crazy.

TS: Anything else?

E: That premarital *** is never permitted, but the skirts kinda make it hard. What is it, like a test or something? Please.

TS: Okay...What about music? What intruments do you play?

E: Keyboards, drums, and mainly guitar. I sing too, but I ****.

TS: Do you write any songs?

E: Yeah, but only when I get a good idea, or I improv lyrics while playing different chords and stuff.

TS: So, what are your favorite TV shows?

E: Mainly anything on [Adult Swim]. Robot Chicken. Family Guy. Morel Orel. Tom Goes To The Mayor (NEW JERSEY *****!) Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

TS: I see...Favorite bands?

E: Breaking Benjamin is my favorite, I also like Nine Inch Nails, Seether, Franz Ferdinand, Eric Clapton, B.B. King. A lot of different things, mainly all music that isn't creepy.

TS: Speaking of which, how's the band you're in?

E: Trust me, it ain't gonna happen. We just don't have musical ablitiy (laughs). I can't write screamo songs.

TS: So, are you gonna be solo?

E: Well, I'm gonna look for a band for a while, but if nothing turns up, I'll just stick solo. My guitar teacher is putting a recording studio in the building they use, so that will be my main recording impliment. Heck, I'm gonna offer my services to run a record label out of it.

TS: Well Eric, we'd like to thank you for your time. Any final words?

E: Yeah. I'm gonna quote two people. First, Peter of Family Guy: "You know what really grinds my gears America? You. **** you." Second, Homsar. "And also with you."

[edit] Links to Things

Standard Myspace
Guitar Site Of the Gods
An Indexed List Of Phobias

[edit] Final

I have nothing more to say from this point on.

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