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[[Image:dancinbubs_homeschool.png|thumb|left|The "winner" part]]
[[Image:dancinbubs_homeschool.png|thumb|left|The "winner" part]]

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The "winner" part

Welcome to me!

Haldo Homestar Runner fans! I am Homestar-Winner (talk). I have known about the Homestar Runner Wiki for about a year now and I like to try to update it when I can. If there is anything you want to say to me, say it on my talk page. I always like getting new messages. And just so y'all know, the "winner" part of my user name came from the rejected character Homeschool Winner. I mostly jus' wanted to tell you guys that to fill up more room on my user page. Soooo, take a look around. I strongly suggest you going here, and going here's not bad, and this page is pretty fun. I mean I've seen it.

How I Learned About the Wedsite

I first learned about the Homestar website when my friend showed me the first time here toon on the main page. I thought the toon was very funny! ("Oh, right. Homestarrunner dot net. 'Its dot com!'") He showed me Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon after that, and I also loved that toon. ("I feel... cooler, and... less like I suck so bad.") That got me hooked on the wedsite for the rest of my life (or at least up to now in my life). After that I watched every toon and sbemail made and loved them all!!!

Contributions to the wiki

My major contributions I've made to the Homestar Runner Wiki are:

Favorite Quotes

This is a list of some of my favorite quotes said by some of the characters in the Homestar Runner Universe:

Homestar Runner Related Question of the Week

Fairly Great Users
(a.k.a. users that have gotten a question right)

Week 1 — Has Matt? (talk)

Week 2 — User talk:Sam the Man Sam the Man

(If you know the answer to any questions, say so on my talk page)

What's gonna happen soon on the Homestar Runner website

My thoughts about what will soon happen on

Email 173 — THe email will start off with Srong Bad coming in the room with an inkjet printer. He will throw away The Paper and put in the printer, and then just check-a his email-a.

In Closing...

I'm glad ya' came to see my user page. Please exit through the gift shop to your left.
Homestar-Winner (talk)

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