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Welcome to me!

Haldo, Homestar Runner fans! I am Homestar-Winner. I have known about Homestar Runner for over 12 years now. I like to try to edit this wiki whenever I can. I often make minor edits, but I try to make more valuable changes whenever I can. If there is anything you want to say to me, say it on my talk page. I always like getting new messages. And just for anyone who doesn't know so much about the not-important-in-any-way Homestar Runner trivia, the "Winner" part of my user name came from the rejected character Homeschool Winner. So, take a look around. I strongly suggest you going here, and going here's not bad, and this page is pretty fun. I mean, I've seen it.

How I Learned About

I first learned about when my friend showed me the first time here toon, which I thought was hilarious! (You know. "Oh, right. homestarrunner dot net. 'Its dot com!'") He showed me Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon after that, which I also enjoyed. (You know. "I feel... cooler, and... less like I suck so bad.") That got me hooked on the website for the rest of my life. After that I watched every toon and Strong Bad Email and loved them all! Yay!!!

Other things I like

Favorite Quotes

This is a list of some of my favorite quotes said by some of the characters on

In Closing...

Thanks for visiting my user page. Please exit through door forty-twone on your lest.
Homestar-Winner (talk)

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