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I have an account on the fanstuff! YAY!!
I have an account on the fanstuff! YAY!!
[[ AA!!]]

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Haldo. helscome to my wed page.

aboout Haldo

I'm a LTWFTW.I like to draw and write my own comics! My favorite homestar characters are The sad kids. My birthday is July 16th and I live in new england. This wiki scares my brother a little, so he doesn't have an account. Then again, how can I blame him? I would nearly DIE OF SHOCK if I was ever the first person to discover a newly-added feature to the official website. So far, the articles I've written are Hypnosis The Cheat Gnawing, babies and The King of Town and The Poopsmith's Relationship, and I REALLY want to join the forum, but I'm not sure how to get there. And if you ever want to insult someone on this site, say "Somebody told me (now I believe them)" A final thought, have you ever seen "The Composer"? It's the best flash thing I've seen in a while-second to Homestar Runner. Here's the web address:

Ah, one more thing: The Forum Of Stuff is working with publicity, so I thought I would mention it here. I'll give you the URL for it once I get permission....

Ah, here we are:

Heh... I love this picture!

Possible ideas

this is were I share some ideas for non-existent articles. If you think they're worth looking into, see my talk page, 'k?

  • First, let's talk about smoke bombs. not very 'splody, but they deserve a spot on this wiki.
  • Shouldn't there be sections within the main characters' wiki pages about how they portray emotion? 'cause, that's unique to each character... am I right? (For example, Homestar smiles by tilting his head back and opening his mouth.)

Other news...

I brought up an argument in Talk:Piemonade, but nobody has yet responded. Image:L sprite.PNG

I have an account on the fanstuff! YAY!!


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