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                                     == HADDIMAN ==

ATTENTION ALL MORONS! I AM HADDIMAN! IF YOU ARE SMART YOU WILL BUTT'S TWELVE BY PIES. Thank you come again.NOW DANCE!Image:sbdance.gif But sewiously, my name's Colton, Capitol C, and then olton.I'm that one kid that's always there no matter where you are. I've watched every strong bad email and waiting diligently for email #173 to see if strong bad really upgrades to an inkjet printa as seen in "montage". I always thought that email 42 action figure was a laugh riot.SMELLS LIKE PEANUT ACTION! (sigh) unfourtunately, "homemade peanut warrior!" just didn't catch on with the kids... These did though These, however did not neither did .

VIRUS'D!!! Meh meh meeehh... (Oww... my reality...)
I trust my friends so much....jpg
aww... isn't he cute and adorable
aww... isn't he bloodthirsty and ferocious
aww... isn't he sucky and... unnatural

Oh, the inhumanity...
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