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The main content of the Trogdor!! The Board Game Kickstarter campaign.

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[edit] Kickstarter Video

See main article: Trogdor!! The Board Game (video)

[edit] Campaign

[edit] About

From the Brothers Chaps and James Ernest comes Trogdor!! the Board Game. For centuries, the legendary wingaling dragon Trogdor the Burninator has terrorized the peasant kingdom of Peasantry with his scorching flames and greased-up beefy arm. Now, he has descended from the mountains once again and will not stop until he burninates the entire countryside and all those unfortunate enough to get in his way!

You and up to 5 friends -or maybe people you just paid to come over- take on the roles of a cult of hooded creepos calling themselves the Keepers of Trogdor who have devoted their lives to aiding the mighty dragon in his quest for total and complete burnination.

Just a few of the 9 Keepers of Trogdor available in the game. More like Creepos of Trogdor if you ask me.

Take turns guiding Trogdor on his destructive lost weekend around Peasantry. Help him avoid pesky knights and archers, devour peasants, burninate the countryside, and, of course, the thatched roof COTTAGES!!

A flaming peasant flees her flaming cottage. Or maybe she's running back in to save her rare vinyl.
Uh oh. We got a Trog-spinner.

[edit] What's in the box


All artwork and assets not final. You're gonna see those words a lot.
  • 1 wooden Trogdor meeple
  • 7 wooden Peasant meeples
  • 1 removable wooden Flame Helmet for the Peasants
  • 2 wooden Knight meeples
  • 1 wooden Troghammer meeple
  • 1 wooden Archer Twins meeple
  • 3 wooden cottages with flippable burninated side
  • 25 double-sided thick cardboard terrain tiles
  • 1 thick cardboard Trog-meter
  • 1 deck of 36 casino quality, blackjack-sized Trogdeck cards
  • 1 deck of 45 casino quality, blackjack-sized movement cards
  • 9 tarot-sized Keepers of Trogdor cards
  • 9 tarot-sized Magical Item cards
  • Instruction booklet

The game will come in a box with full color art by our pal Chris Schweizer (Crogan Adventures, The Creeps) who also illustrated the countryside tiles, item cards, and the Keepers of Trogdor.

Boring box dimensions: 12.5" high x 8.9" wide x 2.8" deep

[edit] How I play it?


Trogdor!! is a co-op puzzle, area control game where 2-6 players work together to help a beefy-armed dragon completely decimate a kingdom using unique powers and items all while avoiding knights and archers bent on stopping you.

Play time is 30-45 minutes with variable levels of difficulty the players can set. The age is 14+.

How to burninate cottages: Surround, scorch the ground, flip that thatched-up mound. Stop-mo by Graw Mad.

Here's Strong Sad's hands with an episode of his tabletop review series 'Six-Sadded, Die' to play through a couple turns for you:

See main article: Six-Sadded, Die
Stack em to the heavens! Stack em to the heavens! You can play an unofficial game where you make up the rules yourself called Stack Em To The Heavens!!

[edit] Backer Tiers



The Wingaling Level is our base level tier. It includes the full boxed game (contents listed up the page a bit) with screen-printed wooden meeple game pieces.


Next is the Burninator Level. It has the full boxed game with wooden meeples like the Wingaling Level, but it ALSO includes a full set of high quality plastic miniature game pieces including:

Sculpts by Rick Van Velsor. Prototype 3D printing and scanning by
  • 1 plastic Trogdor mini
  • 7 plastic Peasant minis
  • 1 plastic removable Flame Helmet for Peasants
  • 2 plastic Knights minis
  • 1 plastic Troghammer mini
  • 1 plastic Archer Twins mini
  • 3 plastic thatched roof cottage bases
  • 3 plastic thatched roof cottage roofs with flippable burninated underside

NOTE: plastic miniatures come packaged separately but they WILL fit inside the box along with their wooden meeple step-siblings

Hey, guess what? Can you guess? All art and assets not final.

Hold on to your angry eyebrows because things are about to start getting fancy-go-nuts! We have partnered with the incredible artisans at Wyrmwood Gaming, makers of high-end, handcrafted wooden game boards, tables, and accessories to bring you the following insane tiers:


Did you need more beef with your Burninator? Then you require the Wyrmwood Beefy Level. This level includes:

  • the full boxed game with meeples and plastic minis
  • this beautifully handcrafted and engraved wooden game board made of cherry.
  • Keep the countryside tiles in place and flip em with ease thanks to awesome tilt-a-tile technology (I just made that name up).
  • Engraved compass rose so Troggie always knows where he's going
  • NOTE: this game board does NOT feature Trogdor engraved on the back like the next two tiers
Prototype cards and minis shown above. Did we mention all art and assets NOT final?

The Wyrmwood Majesty Level gets even more nuts! It has the full boxed game included in the Burninator Level PLUS this incredible, handcrafted cherry box and game board featuring:

  • engraved cherry wood
  • removable engraved lid/game board with cool tilt-a-tile technology for easy flippins
  • engraved compass rose so Troggie knows where he's goin'
  • card/game piece storage box
  • detachable Trogshelf with recessed Peasant Void
  • separate engraved cherry Trog-meter
  • box dimensions: 18 13/18" x 18 13/18" x 2 1/4"(2 9/16" high with lid)
  • lid/playboard dimensions: 17 15/16" x 17 15/16" x 13/16"
Art and design not final. Do you love reading that over and over?
Again, prototype cards and minis shown here. But I have some good news, all art and assets NOT final!

The Wyrmwood Consummate Level is where the artisans (woodworking nerds) at Wyrmwood really get to show off their 'skills of an artist.' It has all the same contents and features of the Wyrmwood Majesty Level made with even more luxurious woods and materials and a built in Lazy-Susan!

  • removable engraved lid/game board made of fancy woods I can't pronounce: Wenge, Waterfall Bubinga, Tiger Maple inlaid with Jet, Silver stringing, and Brass!
  • gameboard still has cool tilt-a-tile technology for easy flippins
  • engraved compass rose so Troggie knows where he's goin'
  • card/game piece storage box
  • detachable Trogshelf with recessed Peasant Void
  • separate engraved Wenge Trog-meter
  • box dimensions: 18 13/18" x 18 13/18" x 2 1/4"(2 9/16" high with lid)
  • lid/playboard dimensions: 17 15/16" x 17 15/16" x 13/16"
  • built-in Lazy-Susan so you can rotate the board to whosoever's turn it may be!
All art and assets not final comes with everything you see here.
Tilt-a-tile tech in action! The most satisfying card flip you'll ever see/hear. Bonus feature: all art and assets not final.
Built-in Lazy Susan lets you turninate the countryside! Makes the game fun for your friends who can't read upside-down!
See main article: Wyrmwood Video

[edit] Stretch Goals


We know you want more! Keep supporting us, and more crazy cool things will keep happening.



Our first stretch goal was to reach $150,000 allowing us to have new art made so the game can include all unique, non-repeating game board tiles and use spot UV on the flames on the burninated side to increase the effect of burnination (we didn't know what it meant either, it makes a part of the art shinier than the others. cool!).

Art and assets so NOT final it hurts!

Our second stretch goal was to reach $250,000. See that "Stack Em To The Heavens" gif back up the page? We're gonna turn that into a real mini game and you'll get a little canvas bag with the rules on it to keep all the meeples in so you can take em with you and play at coffee shops and DMVs everywhere! We will also be able to bring you a Companion Soundboard Website with catchy Strong Bad phrases, music, and sound effects to enhance your game play.


You also unlocked a new Strong Bad Email! And the email Strong Bad answers will be from a lucky backer! That's right, the next sbemail that gets made will be chosen from 'emails' submitted in the comments by backers!


We know you love video content, so we're bringing you more! Strong Bad will be continuing his Skills of an Artist series by drawing one of your suggestions in the comment section of the campaign in an upcoming video.

Oh man! Look! Here is that video we just mentioned a sentence or two ago! You can watch it now! Thanks to backer Chris O'Connor for the suggestion!

See Really Cool Boat


We're adding some game upgrades! We're upgrading the cards to be linen cards so they're easy to shuffle and feel luxurious right out of the box. In addition to that, we're adding some spot UV to the flames of the game box itself, giving your box the ultimate effect of burnination.



For our fifth stretch goal, we'll be bringing you an all new Six-Sadded, Die video but in the meantime, grab the file (innie or outie) to 3D print your own Six-Sadded, Die! Help us get to 12,000 backers so we can do it!

Art not final!

We decided to give you a surprise gift when we hit 12,000 backers! Strong Bad will be adding some of his own Keeper and Item cards for the game.


For our sixth stretch goal, we'll be adding alternate Trogdor Meeples based on the designs by Coach Z, Strong Mad, Strong Sad, and Strong Bad to the game. We need 15,000 backers to do it!

[edit] Backer Burnination Bingo


You guys sorta did it!

We're doing that thing that campaigns do! It's Backer Burnination Bingo! Do awesome stuff in real life, help Trogdor burninate this cottage and we'll do dumb stuff in return!

In our game, before you can use an action to burninate a cottage, you must burninate all the surrounding terrain tiles as well as the tile the cottage is on. In such fashion, help Trogdor burninate everything by fulfilling all the dumb demands on the terrain tiles and cottage itself! Once you’ve done them all, you will be rewarded by a live stream of Matt playing Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People and performing all the voices LIVE until he gets tired of it, or his throat gives out!

Submit your achievements to Maya at When you submit pictures and content to us, know that we may post your picture in an update to show your awesomeness! You can track what achievements have been reached on this board which will be just below the stretch goal section of our campaign.

UPDATE: We gave you the video of 25 people yelling 'Trogdor!' (though we'd still like to see that) since today (Aug 11, '18) is the 10th anniversary of the release of SBCG4AP and since the campaign's almost over. SO, On Sunday Aug 12th at 6pm EST, Matt is gonna do a Kickstarter Live while playing the game and performing the voices like we already said a couple paragraphs ago! Tune in and chat and comment and watch as the wheels come off!!

Matt and Mattsets NOT Final.

[edit] Add-Ons


Art and assets NOT final. But in the ballpark. The meeply ballpark.

We're going to make a whole set of meeples of the 12 main Homestar Runner characters. Use them in this board game, or drop em into whatever other tabletop experience you want! You can also add these in BackerKit for an additional cost.

Oh, hey guess what? All art and images not final.

You allowed us to be able to make some screen-printed T-Shirt add-ons! There will be a Trogdor box art design and a 'Six-Sadded, Die.' design. You can add them in BackerKit during the survey period for an additional cost.

[edit] Reviews


"Bring the fun of pyromania into your living room with TROGDOR! the BOARD GAME! Finally all the delight of torching screaming peasants with none of the pesky jailtime that would accompany burning people in real life. Crack open a cold one, grab your personal DND Greg, and prepare to Burninate your cares away with the game that puts the "AAAAA" in "TABLETOP AAAAADVENTURE" Add actual lighter fluid and matches for a more realistic experience!*" *Legal Note: Please do not do this

-Alex Hirsch, board game copy writer extraordinaire, creator of Gravity Falls

"Trogdor my love, over my heart I have thatched a roof. I kissed every dried straw. Thatched them together with poems for you so tight. A tight thatch helps shed water away and insulate my heart for you Trogdor. Burninate me. Burninate my cottaged heart to cinders and consume me to fill your Trog-Meter.. then can you squish my ashes in the crook of your muscles damn boyee.:

-Pendleton Ward, poet, creator of Adventure Time

"The game is nostalgic, fun, and engaging. I didn't expect the amount of thought I'd have to put in to win!"

-Unfiltered Gamer

"Nothing brings players together like the smell of a burning peasant in the middle of his toasty cottage surrounded by the ashy wasteland of what once was his home."


"Trogdor is quick, quirky, and actually a bit difficult...Homestar Runner knows their audience and delivers exactly the right product for its fans."

-Pawn's Perspective

"All art and assets NOT final!"

-Lem Sportsinterviews, haver of dozens of dollars

"If Peasant's Quest was too technologically advanced, you can instead have fun burninating the countryside in Trogdor! TOGETHER!!"

-Cardboard Stacker

"I tested a Trogdor game prototype that was was just a few random LEGO pieces, some pocket lint and a linoleum tile. Even in that early form, this game was so compelling that I quit my job and alienated my family just to play it more. This game will ruin your life in the best possible way. [Think of some good "burninate" pun for here before sending this blurb to the Chaps]"

-Paul Sabourin, 48% of Paul & Storm

[edit] Backstory


There's no good reason that the Trogdor board game took 15 years to happen other than the fact that Mike and Matt (the Homestar Runner people) started playing more board games with their kids and friends.

Troggie seemed like an easy fit for a tabletop game, so they cranked out a janky prototype, and it kinda worked!

3 dice AND 2 decks? What is wrong with you guys? Kerrek tracks seem cool though.

Once it was decided that this was not the worst idea ever, they contacted Pat Rothfuss who one time sent Limozeen a box of his fantasy novels. He made a board game once and it was good, so they asked him for advice.

Pat introduced them to James Ernest from Cheapass Games. With his help, the game became playable, perhaps even... enjoyable!

Courtroom sketches of Pat and James.

While James playtested and iterated all over the place, Chris Schweizer got busy working on art for the game and our pal Rick Van Velsor (who sculpted the Homestar and Cheat Commandos figurines) began sculpting designs for the vinyl miniatures (available in the Burninator level and above).

Rick Van Velsor takes our janky 3D Tinkercad prototype and molds it into pure majesty!

Now, the game is ready to be produced and played by burnination enthusiasts everywhere.

[edit] Social Media


For updates outside of Kickstarter, like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. Our Community Manager Maya (Secret Hitler) will be posting there with reminders about the updates here as well as stretch goal and add-on announcements. You can reach out to them at if you have any additional questions.

[edit] Shipping


We will be using our friends over at Amplifier to ship you your stuff to the rest of the world and BackerKit to collect your survey information. The following shipping costs are estimates and potentially subject to change (which you would be notified about):


Within the US: $15

Outside of the US: $25


Within the US: $25

Outside of the US: $35

The shipping costs will be handled after the campaign in BackerKit when the surveys go out. The Wyrmwood Majesty and Wyrmwood Consummate levels both weigh around 13 lbs, hence the shipping cost.

TAKE NOTE: WE DO NOT SHIP TO EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, but listing the countries we do ship to is way too long, and we know you don't want to read it. Here is a list of countries we DO NOT ship to:


[edit] Thank Yous


Thank you Homestar fans! Thank you spouses, friends, and fambly! Thank you Kickstarter! Thank you Pat Rothfuss! Thank you James Ernest! Thank you Cheapass Games! Thank you Jonathan Ritter-Roderick! Thank you Lay Waste Games! Thank you Greater Than Games! Thank you reviewers and playtesters!

[edit] Risks and challenges

Are you asking for some Risks & Challenges?!?!

-Unforeseen overseas production delays are probably the biggest potential issue. The vinyl figurines have a long lead time and we want them to be awesome. If something went wrong during that phase of production, it could cause a delay. We are building in buffers for that sorta thing just in case.

-We already have production quotes from PandaGM and Wyrmwood. We will use BackerKit once the campaign is over and ship from Amplifier, the same fulfillment company we use for all other Homestar merch.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ

[edit] FAQs

[edit] How much is shipping?

Our shipping costs are detailed in the shipping section of the campaign page. Scroll down past the game info to see more details about shipping costs. We will be doing all of our shipping costs in the pledge managing system AFTER the campaign, so when you make your pledge, Kickstarter will show $0 shipping. Please note that the shipping is not included in your pledge.

(Last updated: Fri, July 27 2018 3:45 PM BST)

[edit] Do you have a retail tier?

At the moment, we don't, but if there is enough demand, we will consider maybe adding one!

(Last updated: Wed, August 1 2018 4:31 AM PDT)

[edit] How can I get multiple copies of the game?

After the campaign is over, you can add as many copies of any tier as you like in BackerKit as well as any of our future add-ons.

(Last updated: Wed, August 1 2018 4:31 AM PDT)

[edit] Updates

[edit] We're Funded + Stretch Goals

Update #1
Jul 17 2018

Hello Fellow Keepers of Trogdor,

Due to your support and immense enthusiasm, we managed to get funded in just under three hours! Thank you guys so much for that. It means a lot that you are all so passionate about playing our game and helping Trogdor on his quest for WORLD BURNINATION!

And now the part you’ve all been waiting for...

Stretch Goals: Non-Repeating Tiles and Spot UV

Our first stretch goal will be to improve the game board tiles. Right now, the 25 countryside tiles comprising the gameboard have some repeats. The two mountains are the same artwork, for example. We’d like to tell our artist, Chris Schweizer, to get back to work and draw more countryside so that no two tiles are the same. In addition to that, adding spot UV to the fire on the burninated will make them look EVEN MORE burninated, so we’d like to do that too. Help us make the cards unique and and increase burnination by getting us to our next goal of $150,000.

Again, thank you all for the support so far, and stay tuned as we’ve got LOTS more fun goals planned.

Keep on Burninating on,

- Matt, Mike, and Maya


Update #2
Jul 17 2018

Hello Fellow Keepers of Trogdor,

You guys are truly awesome. We’ve blown past our first stretch goal, and don’t worry! We’ve already got another great one in store!

Stretch Goal #2: Stack 'Em To The Heavens and a Website

We know that a lot of you are fans of our wooden meeple pieces. Living vicariously through meeples is a great bonus to being a fan of board games in general. To give you and your meeples the time of your lives, we will make up a tiny stand alone game called "Stack 'Em To The Heavens" to be played using the 7 included peasant meeples. We will even add a screen-printed drawstring bag to put them in! To be clear, this game does not exist yet. But, by the time you receive your rewards, there will be an actual structured-ish game you all can enjoy!

In addition to that, we’ll be making you all a Companion Soundboard Website for the game! It will feature classic Strong Bad talksays such as "Arrowed," "It’s Over," and "Consummate! I said Consummate!" as well as some musical selections to help set the proper mood for your quest of burnination through the countryside. The goal for this is $250,000. Thanks for helping us get this far, and we hope you’ll continue to support us in the future! We’ve still got more goals in store.

Keep on Burninating on,

- Matt, Mike, and Maya

[edit] 3rd Stretch Goal (T-SHIRTS) + STRONG BAD EMAIL

Update #3
Jul 18 2018

Hello again Fellow Keepers of Trogdor,

We have just been burninating through these stretch goals, and we’re so happy that you guys have been supporting us so much! Our next goal is extra special, and we hope you like it.

Stretch Goal #3: T-Shirts and Surprise!

T-Shirts, T-Shirts, T-Shirts! Our third stretch goal involves T-Shirts! We saw that a bunch of you in the comments were itching for some T-Shirts, and we actually had a few ideas in mind! Great minds think in similar ways! We’ve got two great designs for you guys. The first shirt has a picture of the game box on it front and center. We really love what Chris has brought to the table with his artistic abilities, so we’re putting it on a shirt for everyone to wear and feel the majesty. The second shirt is dedicated to our very own Strong Sad. He puts a lot of effort into his board game review youtube channel, and despite his melancholy, it’s fantastic to see all that work pay off. The shirt has the logo for his youtube channel, so give him some support for that! Both of these shirts will be accessible to you as add-ons in BackerKit after the surveys are collected, and all of our add-ons are Kickstarter Exclusive. We’re switching up our goals from dollar milestones to backer milestones from now on, so the goal for this is for the campaign to reach 5,000 backers.

Backer Submitted SBEMAIL!!


You guys already achieved this and you didn’t know it! To thank you amazing fans for all your incredible support over the years, we wanna give you a leg up in getting your email checked by Strong Bad because you never know exactly what kinda email will suit the wrestleman’s whims on a given day. SO, the next Strong Bad Email toon that gets made will be chosen from ‘emails’ submitted by you guys in the comments for this update! NOTE: Strong Bad may not get to check this next email until after the campaign on account of all the Trogdor QA he’s busy with. Your patience (and support!) is appreciated. It’s just something we want to do for you all to show our support. It’s close to our hearts and we're sure yours too.

Again, thank you all for your continued support! We’ve still got more stretch goals on the way.

Keep on Burninating on,

- Matt, Mike, and Maya

[edit] 4th Stretch Goal

Update #4
Jul 18 2018

Hello Fellow Keepers of Trogdor,

It’s been a crazy couple days, and we truly appreciate your admiration and support. We can’t wait for you all to actually get the play the game, but in the meantime, we’ve got more cool stretch goals to share with you.

Stretch Goal #4 - Homestar Character Meeples

A lot of people have been asking if it’s possible to bring any of the other Homestar characters into the game. Fortunately, you’re in luck! It’s something that we were thinking of doing anyway! Since great minds are similarly thinking similar things, we’re bringing you a set of all of the classic Homestar character meeples to be used just for fun! You can use them wherever you want in the game, but don’t let that stop you! You can also use these meeples in any other board game you may have that uses meeples too. You can add this set of character meeples to your pledge in BackerKit at an additional cost during the survey period. We can fulfill this goal by reaching 10,000 backers.

You guys have all been amazing, so we’re switching up our stretch goals a little. We hope you like what we’ve offered so far, but the future stretch goals will not be anything physical that you can buy or add to your pledge. All future stretch goals will be even more awesome than before, and they will involve us interacting with you all directly. Live draws? Puppet cosplay? Who knows! Keep spreading the word and supporting us to find out!

Keep on Burninating on,

- Matt, Mike, and Maya

[edit] Six-Sadded, Die Video + New Stretch Goals

Update #5
Jul 20 2018

Hey you guys! We replaced some of our old stretch goals with a cool new upcoming video and game upgrades. We’ve also got a NEW stretch goal to announce, so check it out!

New Stretch Goal #3: Skills of An Artist Video

To replace the third stretch goal, we're going to be doing a special video episode of Strong Bad's "Skills of An Artist" series. Submit your suggestions in the comment section of this post, and Strong Bad will take one of the suggestions to draw in a special video for you guys. We’re looking at the suggestions in the main comments thread as well since that’s where we originally requested this. We love doing interactive stuff with you, and we know you love videos, so we hope you like this addition. We can’t wait to see your suggestions!

New Stretch Goal #4: Game Upgrade

In the place of stretch goal #4, we’re going to make changes to the cards and box. We're now going to upgrade the quality even more to linen so they feel silky and luxurious right out of the box. In addition to that, we’ll be making some changes to the game box as well. In our first stretch goal, we added spot UV to the gameplay tiles. Now, we’re going to expand that enhanced burnination by adding spot UV to the box of the game too.

Stretch Goal #5: Six-Sadded, Die Video and 3D print Six-Sadded, Die

Our next stretch goal will be to give you guys some more of the great content you’ve come to know and love. As you now know, Strong Sad has been dabbling in board games and presented you all with the great walkthrough video of our game. It would be amazing to bring you guys more of his board game gameplay and review content. We’d like Strong Sad to give you his playtest review of the 90’s Boardelectrix hit 'Don't Make Daddy P.O.'d'!! Help us get to 12,000 backers so he can live his dreams!

Now the video is great, but that's not all. Right here is a file that you can use to 3D print your own Six-Sadded, Die for all you makers out there. One has Strong Sad's face protruding out of the die like in the intro to 'Six-Sadded, Die' and the other has them recessed into the die like all good pips. Enjoy! If you print one, you can send pictures to, and we'll feature some of them in our next update.


We hope you all like these upgrades and will enjoy our new videos. Thank you for your continued support! We’re going to keep working hard for you to get you the best game and stuff we can give.

Keep on Burninating on,

- Matt, Mike, and Maya

[edit] Lucky Yates from Archer on Six-Sadded, Die

Update #6
Jul 23 2018

Hello Fellow Keepers of Trogdor,

We’re currently working on our Six-Sadded, Die video stretch goal for you guys, but we have a surprise to tell you about.

Lucky Yates Collaboration

We’ve got a collaboration to announce! As you know our next goal is for Strong Sad to show you guys another review video from his online tabletop review show, Six-Sadded, Die. In order to make the video even more amazing, we’ve decided to collaborate with our pal Lucky Yates, the voice of Krieger from Archer. Help us get to 12,000 backers, and he’ll be making the video with Strong Sad himself. We hope you like it!

Some of Your Six-Sadded, Dice

Thank you guys for sending us some pictures of your dice from the files we provided you! Here are some of those so more of you can see how cool they are.

Thank you, DH!
Thank you also, James! You managed to add extra sadness!

Keep these coming, and and tell us if you are somehow able to actually use this die in a real gaming scenario!

Keep on Burninating on,

- Matt, Mike, and Maya

[edit] Trivia

[edit] Inside References

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