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(Limozeen: wait... if it's already on an album, wouldn't that mean that it doesn't belong on this page?)
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#[[Because It's Midnite]] (original from [[monster truck]])
#[[Because It's Midnite]] (original from [[monster truck]])
#[[Nite Mamas]] (already on [[Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits]])
#[[Summer Short Shorts|Brain Sister]]
#[[Summer Short Shorts|Brain Sister]]
#[[coloring|Colorin' (Outside The Lines)]]
#[[coloring|Colorin' (Outside The Lines)]]

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Feel free to add more to this list if you think something is missing



  1. Trogdor (Original)
  2. Oh Yeah Yeah (Original)
  3. Theme of Dangeresque (instrumental)
  4. Ghost of John
  5. Dance for the Computer Genius Man
  6. Sterrance costume song
  7. This one doesn't count (as a costume)
  8. Il Cartographer Reprise
  9. Polymascotfoamalate jingle
  10. And I Pretend That It's Made of Moneyonly 2 seconds long
  11. Never-ending Soda/Blacking Out
  12. Smell like Pea soup
  13. Here comes/there goes the Thnikkaman
  14. Bad Hand Eye Co-ordination (Unmasking Thnikkaman)
  15. Here comes the Thnikka-Stan
  16. Here Calls/Hang-ups The Thnikkaman
  17. Cheatcakes jingle (Liars and Thieves)
  18. Shining up a Chicken (in the mo-ning)
  19. Two-o-Duo (Bubs gets all the Royalties)
  20. Dreamaway Johnny
  21. Buttdance & Buttdance again
  23. Dribble Dribble Shoot (aka We're not Doing This Again)
  24. Pretender of the Galaxies
  25. Everyone's Searching
  26. And Now The Love
  27. Cannonmouth
  1. Impressive, Disturbing, and Makes Me Uncomfortable
  2. I'm Buyin' You A Pizza
  3. Backyard Peaches
  4. Everybody Everybody (Decemberween Mix)
  5. Lady Milhouse Costume
  6. T-TV, TV Showapparently coming to vol. 4
  7. They're Orange, They're Black
  8. Why Can't We Slice That Pie
  9. Some Stupid Turkey
  10. Strong Bad Sings song clips
  11. If You Give Me A Treat
  12. Mallow Cup
  13. The Day of Birth Song
  14. Big Ol' Red Head
  15. I'm Just Me
  16. Pizza/Slumber Party
  17. The "This Mo'nin" song
  18. Audition with Marzipan songs
  19. Stupidest Guy
  20. Bread and Butter Pickles
  21. Four Score and Several More
  22. Are We Gonna Make Romance
  23. Two Seeds
  24. The King of Town DVD menu music
  25. In Search of the Yello Dello menu music
  26. The Reddest Radish title music
  27. A Jumping Jack Contest 147 Glasses of Melonade music
  1. A Jumping Jack Contest victory music
  2. A Jorb Well Done title music
  3. A Jorb Well Done montage music
  4. Where's The Cheat montage music/little animal chase
  5. Parsnips A-Plenty title music
  6. A Folky Tale background music
  7. Weclome Back title music
  8. Date Nite title music
  9. TrogdorCon '97 background music
  10. 500 The Cheats
  11. Summer Short Shorts title music
  12. Quality Time background music
  13. Blubb-O's Commercial background music
  14. Play Date title music
  15. The Baloneyman truck jingle
  16. 4 Gregs background music
  17. Donut Unto Others background music
  18. 79 Seconds Left background music
  19. Compy Catalog background music
  20. Fina-lully here (extended from Quote of the Week)
  21. On Break background music
  22. Squintmojis background music
  23. Homestarloween Party title music
  24. The House That Gave Sucky Treats title music
  25. The Best Decemberween Ever title music
  26. Pumpkin Carve-nival title music
  27. A Decemberween Pageant title music
  1. That Time of Year background music
  2. Homestar and the Nice Present background music
  3. Halloween Fairstival title music
  4. Snowglobe DVD background music
  5. Homestar Presents: Presents title music — lyrical version already available; just being thorough
  6. Halloween Potion-ma-jig title music
  7. Happy Hallow-day title music
  8. Let us give TANKS! intro music (I think)
  9. Decemberween Short Shorts title music
  10. Toikey TV football music
  11. Costume Commercial background music
  12. Most in the Graveyard title music
  13. A Death-Defying Decemberween title music — lyrical version already available; just being thorough
  14. A Decemberween Mackerel title music
  15. A Decemberween Mackerel background music
  16. Halloween Safety background music
  17. I Killed Pom Pom ominous background music
  18. Haunted Photo Booth title music
  19. The Homestar Runner Enters the Spooky Woods title music
  20. Puppet Time background music
  21. Biz Cas Fri title music — apparently coming to vol. 4
  22. Teen Girl Squad Issue 7 background music
  23. Sample of Style title music
  24. Sample of Style Too title music
  25. Making of Email 100 background music
  26. Those Darn Cousins title music
  1. Everything Else Vol. 3 other menus
  2. Sweet Cuppin' Cakes theme (plus Decemberween, mini-golf, and The Homestar Runner Enters the Spooky Woods varieties)
  3. do over/love poems romantic music
  4. portrait fancy music
  5. space program filmstrip music
  6. space program grilled cheese music
  7. boring (really) background music
  8. bottom 10 background music
  9. animal Sterrance music
  10. radio Deathly Pallor music
  11. replacement dance contest music
  12. slumber party boring music
  13. Ominous musicapparently coming to vol. 4
  14. Jazzy end credits versions of Theme Song Ballad and When Email Comes to Town
  15. Fudgeclank(Trudgemank variant)
  16. Only one at the Rec Centre
  17. too many Homestars
  18. King Bubsgonzola Supreme
  19. Download all our #1 Jams!
  20. It's Tuff Bein' a Box (original)
  21. KaraokeFun versions of Trogdor (karaoke), Because, It's Midnite (karaoke), Nite Mamas (karaoke) , Dangeresque (karaoke), Fhqwhgads (karaoke) and Rock Opera (karaoke) (with and without the characters singing their versions)
  22. 4 branches background music
  23. what I want shopping music
  24. looking old remix music
  25. strong badathlon fanfare
  26. Everybody, Everybody (strongbad_email.exe Disc Five version)
  1. FBI Warning Rap
  2. little questions Swedish flag dance
  4. Store Thank You Song
  5. O Holy Crap
  6. kids' book background music
  7. labor day/strong badathlon cereal music
  8. colonization background music
  9. narrator Whined & Dined music
  10. narrator romance music
  11. narrator Lugnut & Squeak music
  12. narrator Things That Go Dump in the Night music
  13. Book of My Dreams
  14. pop-up background music
  15. candy product candy-make music
  16. Squish It, Skew It, Turn It All Around
  17. redesign background music
  18. retirement feats of wonder music
  19. the movies trivia music
  20. more armies On Point Kings music (also used for Dangeresque)
  21. more armies Municipality music
  22. hiding background music
  23. sbemail206 nerd cultch background music
  24. sbemail206 prank montage music
  25. too cool background music before watching the tape
  26. strongbad_email.exe Disc Six intro music

Songs with Potential Issues

  1. All Puppet Jam songs- collab with TMBG
  2. Everybody to the Limit (Original) — unlikely, as it uses copyrighted drum samples
  3. Poopsmith's 200th Sbemail songalso unlikely, since it's by TMBG; already on their compilation Album Raises New And Troubling Questions
  4. Original Stinkoman theme (Rad Racer) — unlikely for obvious reasons
  5. The Cheat Theme Songunlikely, can't contact Skate Party according to Twitter
  6. SBCG4AP songs — if the rights allow it, Strong Bad says
    1. Handle my Style (original, reprise and instumental)
    2. Ostentatious Chamber Music
    3. Coach Z's Demo disk
    4. FCUSATRTTEOTR Fanfare
    5. Item Get — originally from Sam and Max Season 1 Episode 5, may be wholly owned by Telltale/Steve Purcell
    6. Snake Boxer 5
    7. Strong Badia the Free Preview
    8. Transdimentional Photobooth
  7. sb_email 22 intro — based on Donkey Kong music
  8. Trogdor (Jazz Version)Possibly same rights issues as with SBCG4AP tracks
  9. Dangeresque (Jazz Version)Possibly same rights issues as with SBCG4AP tracks
  10. Embarrassing Educational Films themetaken from a "70’s royalty free music" collection
  11. Some Things Last a Long TimeTouching Tribute cover
  12. Greatest American HomestarParody of "Believe it or Not" from Greatest American Hero

Band Songs

Limozeen and sloshy have all been confirmed to be getting their own albums.


  1. Because It's Midnite (original from monster truck)
  2. Brain Sister
  3. Colorin' (Outside The Lines)
  4. Pressed Bunson
  5. Women and Men
  6. Let's Nite Mamas again
  7. We Don't Really Even Care About You
  8. Heart of a Turkey
  9. Limozeen Live performances and covers- confirmed for Limozeen Album


  1. We Don't Really Even Care About You
  2. Because It's Midnite
  3. American Football Championship Game (featured on the Air-Sea Dolphin/Sloshy split)
  4. B-est of B-sides (featured on the Air-Sea Dolphin/Sloshy split)
  5. Phonin' this one in


Also confirmed to be getting own album of high quality sound rips.

Peasant's Quest

  1. Main theme
  2. Wheat Grows Sweet
  3. Trogdor's Lair

Stinkoman 20X6

  1. Videletrix Jingle
  2. Title Screen
  3. Cutscene
  4. Level 1
  5. Boss
  6. Level 2
  7. Level 3
  8. Level 4
  9. Level 5
  10. Level 6
  11. Level 7
  12. Level -0 (Level 8)
  13. Level 9
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