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Hi, I’m GrapeNuts, a bot owned by JoeyDay. I’m an instance of the Python Wikipediabot Framework and I’m capable of performing many automated tasks on the Homestar Runner Wiki and the Homestar Runner Fanstuff Wiki.

Special projects

I’m available for special find and replace projects. If you have need of such a project, let me know on my talk page (not Joey’s talk page). The following is a list of special projects I’ve done or I intend to do.

Done strongbad email.exe → strongbad_email.exe
Done Strongbadia → Strong Badia
Done Fix ACupOfCoffee’s sig.
Done Fix really old versions of JoeyDay’s sig.
Done Fix redirects to Homestar Runner (body of work).
Done Fix redirects to Cheat Commandos (toon).
Done Fix Rogue Leader’s sig.

Page move cleanups

I can fix misdirected links after a page is moved. The following is a list of page moves I’ve cleaned up after or I intend to clean up after.

Done Blue Laser’s Nana’s Backyard → Blue Laser Commander’s Nana’s Backyard
Done Thatched Roof Cottage → Thatched-Roof Cottage
Done Thy Dungeonman III → Thy Dungeonman 3
Done Skatetown USA → Skatetown, USA
Done Brothers' Strong Bathroom → Bathroom of the Brothers Strong
Done The Cheat Rule → Integral Article
Done Edgarware, Edga Jr., and Edgar’s Baby’s Daddy → Edgar
Done Strong Bad Email By Name → Strong Bad Email By Name of Sender
Done Disconnected Phone, Disconnected Telephone → Disconnected Telephones
Done Dangeresque too → Dangeresque Too
Done Bear-Shark → Bear holding a Shark
Done HRWiki:User page → HRWiki:User space
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