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Oh, why hello young parson. I'm Glittery Taupe. I've been visiting h* since 2000. My seniority slaps yours in the face. Though I'm just a sparkling pale 16 year old really.

My History with

Oh 'twas long, long ago, but in this galaxy. Back in maybe March of 2000, maybe it was later in the year, I dunno, my sister showed me the Strong Bad Sings cartoon that a friend showed her. A second generation of finding out about the website you might call it. I instantly loved it and watched everything I could, there was very little, but I still watched it. I've since been on and off following the website for more hilarious content. I've bought various T-shirts from the store. I've also purchased All six primary sbemail DVDs and all 3 Everything Else DVDs. I've listened to all, yes all, of the audio commentary throughout the twoish to fourish years I've owned them respectively. Naturally through the commentary I discovered the wiki, which helped me discover some interesting info and hidden things on the site I hence wouldn't have known about. Hit me up if you need a DVD transcript. I'll see what I can do.

Facts about me that slightly pertain to H*R

My name comes from the Compy Catalog short. I share the same birthdate, 11/1, as Matt Chapman. I own the "exact inner structure" t-shirt from This is Spinal Tap that Homestar wears in Weclome Back.

Read this excerpt:

MIKE:...You know I haven't seen Ghost Dog since we saw it in the theater where our friend Matt had a razor blade in his pocket.

MATT: And cut his hand, like in half.

MIKE: Cut his hand halfway through the movie and didn't say anything, and we just get out of the movie and his hand's bleeding and he's like "Oh yeah, I had a razor blade in my pocket and I cut my hand." That's the kind of guy Matt is.

MATT: {both laughing} He's a great guy.

Believe it or not, that same experience happened to me when I was 13 and a friend of mine also had a switchblade in his pocket, accidently cut his hand during the movie, it bled out hard, and he didn't tell us until we started walking home. When I heard that story listening to the commentary for the first time, I had to keep relistening to it because it's crazy and uncanny that that happened to Matt, Mike, and myself.

Wiki Contributions

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