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Oh, why hello young parson. I'm Glittery Taupe. I've been visiting h* since 2000. My seniority slaps yours in the face. Also, for those wondering, my name comes from the Compy Catalog short. Though I'm just a sparkling pale 16 year old kid, who shares the same birthdate, 11/1, as Matt Chapman.

My History with

Oh 'twas long, long ago, but in this galaxy. Back in maybe March of 2000, maybe it was later in the year, I dunno, my sister showed me the Strong Bad Sings cartoon that a friend showed her. A second generation of finding out about the website you might call it. I instantly loved it and watched everything I could, there was very little, but I still watched it. I've since been on and off following the website for more hilarious content. I've bought various T-shirts from the store. I've also purchased All six primary sbemail DVDs and all 3 Everything Else DVDs. I've listened to all, yes all, of the audio commentary throughout the twoish to fourish years I've owned them respectively. Naturally through the commentary I discovered the wiki, which helped me discover some interesting info and hidden things on the site I hence wouldn't have known about. Also, random fact: I own the "exact inner structure" t-shirt from This is Spinal Tap that Homestar wears in Weclome Back. Hit me up if you need a DVD transcript. I'll see what I can do.

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