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Hey Everybody. I'm Gir007.But ya'll can call me Zaak.I play World of Warcraft and if ya wanna chat, I'm Varanos, Maarshmallow, or Spaide on the Alliance side of Malygos realm.I got my name from my Login name for alot of Things.I got addicted to Homestar when my friend Vincent Told me about it. I checked it out and was cracking up in seconds. Vincent,Vinny,Sam,and Connor were the people who got me to bother to check it out. Vincent also told me about an alternate Website,, but it can be kind of inappropriate and it's just now as funny as Homestar got a picture of gir on here for you people. It took me literally forever to figure out.I'm not used to so It took me a while.This page once had a "Seriously"2 Homestar here.But it took up everything since I couldn't shrink it. Oh well.ALSO!This page is VERY LINKY.I'm gonna update the amount of links every once in a while and whoever finds them all (Or the most) should tell me on my talk page and they'll win...a...ummm...friendly handshake.Or...maybe a SBLOUNSKCHED bar. Your call.



My favirote Characters

Top 10 Charcters

10.The Poopsmith-Beats me why I like him.He's just got a crappy job.

9.Pom-Pom-*Bubble bubble bubble, bubble bubble bubble*

8.Homsar-I was raised by a cup of coffee.

7.The King of Town-Oooh!And Heavenly ham, and mounds of gelatin and Salsbury Steak...

6.The Cheat-Meh memmene meh me me.


4.Bubs-What's not to like about a guy in love with his concession Stand?

3.Homestar-So stupid he's funny.


1.Coach Z-He had a cool Afro.What's so bad about that?

Zaak's Bottom 10

10.Stupid people winning things.It's just totally wrong.

9.Crappy muffin flavors.Ewwww...Banana Cream Muffin...nasty.

8.Salmon Sushi.Using american fishes in sushi sucks!

7.Stale Marshmallows.What the heck is wrong with people?Leaving the 'Mallow bag open!

6.Homework.Teachers who give out lotsa homework everyday suck, too.

5.Annoying little siblings.Stupid brother!Get the heck away from me!

4.Um...not...Black.It's Dark.And the meaning of Doom.

3.That creepy painting of Spider-Man in my brother's room.It creeps me out.

2.The Jibblies.I hate them more than Strong bad Does.

1.Spilling Cheez-wiz on the keyboard.No foolin' man.I do it all the time.

Zaak's top 10

10.Tim Burton's Movie Corpse Bride. Seems wierd, I know, but it's good.

9.Homestar't even ask.It's hilarious.

8.Demoloition Squid.From Weebl', he says a few curses.Funny though.

7.Cheez-Wiz.I can't get enough of the stuff.I'm an addict.

6.Tim Burton's Early films.Like Vincent.It's about some kid that like Edgar Allen Poe.

5.The complete works of Edgar Allen Poe.He's a good Author.So what if I'm a 13-year old?!?!

4.My PSP.I like Untold Legends Brotherhood of the Blade.

3.Invader Zim. Hilariously stupid."I'm gonna go get some chicken and Mayo!"

2.World of Warcraft.The best MMORPG Ever.Get it if ya don't have it.I'm on Malygos realm.

1.My Girlfriend.I'm not gonna say anything cuz I'll beat the crap outta you if ya even touch her

My Friends on H*R Wiki

I have friends?I feel special.

-User:Nikolce Kocovski


What I like to do


-Green Day!

-Avenged Seven Fold!

-Three day's Grace!




Video Games!

-Kingdom Hearts(I or II)

-Final Fantasy(Any of them)

-Jak&Daxter Series(Any but Jak&Daxter)


-Pokemon series.(Idk why!)

-World of Warcraft

-Turf battles

[Most hated game is...]RUNESCAPE!GRAPHICS SUCK!Gameplay Sucks!DO NOT download that crud.

(Back to likes)

-Any of the Sly Cooper Series

-Pretty much and RPG

-Stinkoman 20X6

-Thy Dungeonman!Series

-That's all I can think of atm

TV Stuff!(Movies n' shows!)

-Invader Zim

-Spirited Away

-Princess Mononoke

-Castle in the Sky

-The Nightmare before christmas

-Corpse Bride

-Ice Age 2


-Gone in 60 seconds


Miscellaneous stuff!

-Play the drums

-Hang with buddies

-Run around the school yelling stuff

-Ticking people off

-Watching some girl on my bus kick my friend

-Taking pictures of people just to tick them off

-Seeing how loud my friends can stand the music I listen to

-Seeing how far the ludest setting on my CD player goes

-Nearly deafening self with loud music

-Being on the computer

-Blowing stuff up on World of Warcraft with Dynamite

-Killing the Horde on World of warcraft[LONG LIVE THE ALLIANCE!]

-Running around the halls of my school aimlessly

-Skipping around singing "We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz!Because, because, because becaaause!Because of the wonderful things he does" for fun

-Asking people if they know the Muffinman

-Throwing paper stuff at my friends in stufy hall to tick off the teacher

-Making wierd noises during study hall to tick off the teacher

-Writing pointless notes and giving them to the wrong people

-Making a bunch of chinese footballs and having a chinese football fight during lunch

-Seeing how many times I can smack my head against a locker

-Getting people really angry by saying "I don't know" and "Because" when they ask questions

-Being too lazy to listen to your problems.

-Laughing at my little brother when he gets really really mad

-Sicing the dog on my little brother

Favirote H*R Quotes(For those of you who care)

"Nah, it can't be Heaven. There's not enough twinkies."-Strong Bad, Where the Crap Are We?

"Here's a twinkie."-Homestar Runner, Where the Crap Are We?

"Hello?Senator Pencil Face?Yes this is Homestar Runner!Yes, I can Save the day!...Ummmm...I really don't think there's a way out of here."-Homestar Runner, Where the Crap Are We?

"We got Drums, cymbals, drums, and now all we need is some Thnikka-girls to dance around in Go-Go boots!"-The Thnikkaman, Marzipan's Answering Machine

"The King of Town's gone mad with power!He's trying to eat The Chort!"-Coach Z, Where's The Cheat?

"It's my- it's my new Jams!Not talkin bout, not talkin bout, not talkin bout 3+3!Not talkin bout, not talkin bout, not talkin bout KoT! Not talkin bout, not talkin bout, not talkin bout butter!Not talkin bout, not talkin bout, not talkin out 3+3!(Echo)"-The King of Town, "Not talkin bout Butter", Mixed by DJ Teh Cheat

"Why you Lazy Crap for Crap!"-Strong Bad, Quote of the Week

"You're doing great!Now shoulders down, one and two, feel the burn and go to bed!Make some Breakfast, talk to me!"-Homestar Runner, Quote of the Week/Possible lady fan out take

"*Yawn* Hey Strong Sad. Batman. What are you doing in my house?WE'VE BEEN ID'D! EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!*Mehhhhh!*Thanks for dropping by, guys. Thanks for breaking my Cow Lamp."-Homestar Runner, caper(*Not Homestar.The Cheat or Strong Bad.)

"And then Trogdor smote The Kerrek, leaving all to burnination."-Strong Bad in some sbemail.I forget.

"Mrs. Bennedetto. My name is Colonel Homestar Runner, and I served with Frank in the Battle of Strong Badia. I hate to bring you this news but...Frank was one of the finest Friggin' soldiers I ever met!*no longer sad* But he still kinda owes me that $5, so if you could just...fork it over..."-Homestar Runner, sbemail army Easter egg

Coach Z:"If you're trying to fade me then ya must smoke Crack!" Strong Bad:"Scroll buttons, oh yeah, like that heart attack!"-Coach Z and Strong Bad from Scroll Button Songs 10

"You got the munch, the crisp and the crunch, livin in the gutter with Grandma...When coach puts you in, ya gotta go for the win. Y2K turned out alriiight!SBLOUNSKCHED! You can do it! SBLOUNSKCHED!Crunchy chew it!Who's got the got SBLOUNSKCHED!Buy one and you can get one free root canal or cavity search.*The Paper* comes down, doing it's thing.*-Strong Bad, sbemail candy product

"AaAaAaAaAaA!Hi, Wonder Mike!I'm Homsar!The captain of the gravy train!Climb aboard!I've brought my best foot forward...Pshoooooo!Sure beats breaking up with me.Don't look now!I'm just a friendly reminder.AaAaAaAaAaAa!AaAaAaAaAaAa!Think I won the Power ball.-Homsar, character videos, eject on the VCR

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