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[edit] YouTube

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homestarrunnerdotcom Channel Logo
This article is about the the YouTube channel. For the website, see

While almost all of the Homestar Runner body of work is hosted on or available for purchase, The Brothers Chaps have uploaded most of their toons to YouTube, some of which are not viewable anywhere else. It is also the platform for some of their side projects, such as Two More Eggs. Their main channel for uploads of Homestar Runner cartoons is called "homestarrunnerdotcom", but a few others were created before it became active.

homestarrunnerdotcom was first registered on October 1, 2007, but remained inactive until early 2009 when it began to see uploads of DVD versions of toons, including a few that were previously DVD exclusives. It was proven that the account is official when an alternate version of independent was released there exclusively. Most animations are provided in 720p HD, however some are supplied in 480p or 1080p.

The channel was active until December 17, 2009, and was inactive until September 24, 2014, when a new icon, a One Channel banner, and a few playlists ("Strong Bad Emails", "Halloween Cartoons", "Teen Girl Squad", "Decemberween Toons", "Puppet Stuff", "Live Action Crap", and later "Skills of an Artist") were added. Strong Bad Emails were also renamed to include their numbers. In more recent uploads, Easter egg scenes featured in toons at the end were added, alongside fake thumbnails in order to fake an ending to the video.

On March 27, 2015, a direct link to the homestarrunnerdotcom channel was added to the main site through a button in the NavBar, replacing the old Subscribe button.

[edit] Channel Description

Cartoons and more from the website featuring waggly, animated animal characters like Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, and Cherry Greg. Also Trogdor! We should probably mention Trogdor, right? Oh man, this description is getting totally great! You can even PAUSE these videos unlike that busted old website! Also they have better quality sound! But none of those hidden easter eggs. YouTube doesn't know how to do that yet. Hey! That's one reason to keep Flash around! ONE!

[edit] Channel Banner

The YouTube channel banner depicts the twelve main characters silhouetted in white against a blue sky, with "" written above. An Easter egg uncropped version is hidden in the page's source code. It is the same, except Homsar is above the image, hanging upside down in the sky, and Homestar Runner (saying "Strong Bad, what's with all this blank space down here?") and Strong Bad (saying "I dunno. I'm still tryin to remember who half these characters are.") are below.

[edit] Uploads

Release Date Title Description Watch Running
1March 31, 2009 Guitar Strong Bad shows off his guitar skills. watch 1:36
2March 31, 2009 Techno Strong Bad makes a techno song. watch 1:18
3March 31, 2009 Comic Strong Bad makes a comic about Brittany and her friends. watch 2:04
4March 31, 2009 Dragon Strong Bad teaches the world how to draw a dragon. watch 3:30
5March 31, 2009 Japanese Cartoon Strong Bad makes a Japanese cartoon. watch 2:06
6March 31, 2009 Kids' Book Strong Bad makes a kids' book called "Everyone is Different." watch 2:06
7March 31, 2009 Virus Strong Bad's Compy 386 gets a virus. watch 4:09
8April 1, 2009 Bottom 10 Strong Bad lists his bottom 10. watch 4:43
9April 1, 2009 Death Metal Strong Bad gives lessons in making a death metal song. watch 3:56
10May 12, 2009 Everybody to the Limit The Cheat makes a video of Strong Bad's #1 summer jam.The Cheat makes a video for Strong Bad's #1 summer jam. watch 1:57
11May 12, 2009 Different Town Strong Bad sings about how he would make his town different. watch 3:00
12May 12, 2009 Montage Strong Bad creates a montage. watch 3:23
13May 13, 2009 Video Games Strong Bad describes what his video game would be like on various systems. watch 3:03
14May 13, 2009 Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer Rather Dashing and Trogdor battle in the film adaptation of the text adventure Peasant's Quest. watch 2:56
15May 29, 2009 Sample of Style Mike and Matt Chapman give a behind the scenes look at how Matt does the character voices. watch 4:13
16May 29, 2009 Sample of Style Too Mike and Matt Chapman give a behind the scenes look at how they animate their cartoons. watch 4:39
17May 29, 2009 Band Names Strong Bad gives advice on choosing a band name. watch 1:20
18May 30, 2009 The Movies Strong Bad describes how annoying moviegoers can be. watch 4:00
19May 30, 2009 Theme Park Strong Bad describes what the Strong Badia theme park would be like. watch 4:20
20June 29, 2009 CGNU Strong Bad lets you know how to become a graduate of Crazy Go Nuts University. watch 1:22
21June 29, 2009 Action Figure Strong Bad details the features of his own action figure. watch 1:51
22June 29, 2009 Radio Strong Bad describes various radio host styles. watch 4:07
23June 30, 2009 Best Thing Strong Bad describes the best thing he's ever seen, done or eaten. watch 4:16
24June 30, 2009 Pizza Joint Strong Bad opens a pizza joint to score some chicks. watch 4:15
25June 30, 2009 I Love You Strong Bad gets an email from Fhqwhgads. watch 1:02
26June 30, 2009 50 Emails In honor of his 50th email, Strong Bad answers 50 emails. watch 2:51
27July 1, 2009 Slumber Party Strong Bad gives some advice on attending a slumber party. watch 4:17
28August 3, 2009 Fan Club Strong Bad realizes fan clubs and fan fiction aren't be so bad after all. watch 4:30
29August 3, 2009 Invisibility Strong Bad describes a day of invisibility. watch 1:55
30August 3, 2009 Sisters Strong Bad receives an email from two sisters asking if he has a girlfriend. watch 1:46
31August 3, 2009 Some Kinda Robot Strong Bad answers the age old question of whether he takes his mask and boxing gloves off before he goes to bed. watch 0:51
32August 3, 2009 Your Funeral Strong Bad details his off the hook funeral plans. watch 4:03
33August 17, 2009 Rap Song The Cheat makes a video for Coach Z's Rap Song accidentally featuring Peacey P. watch 2:42
34August 17, 2009 Dangeresque 3 Strong Bad offers the digitally remastered director's cut of Dangeresque 1: Dangeresque, Too? watch 5:00
35August 17, 2009 Email Thunder Strong Bad realizes Homestar is trying to steal his email thunder. watch 5:20
36August 18, 2009 TGS 12 The Teen Girl Squad celebrate Valentime's Day. watch 3:22
37August 18, 2009 TGS 15 The Teen Girl Squad go to the Priggidy Prizom. watch 4:15
38September 2, 2009 Donut Unto Others Homestar Runner opens his very own doughnut stand. watch 4:00
39September 2, 2009 For Kids Strong Bad describes what his television show for kids would be like. watch 3:29
40September 2, 2009 Geddup Noise Strong Bad explains what happened to the Geddup Noise. watch 3:44
41September 2, 2009 Independent Strong Bad explains the difference between indie and independent films. watch 4:39
42September 3, 2009 TGS 14 The Teen Girl Squad get ready for the end of the school year. watch 3:51
43September 8, 2009 TGS 13 The Teen Girl Squad try out babysitting. watch 3:31
44September 8, 2009 Animal Strong Bad gets a laptop computer and details what his own made up animal would be like. watch 4:09
45September 8, 2009 Blubbo-O's Commercial Checkout Blubbo-O's latest commercial. watch 1:57
46September 9, 2009 Space Program Strong Bad describes Strong Badia's space program, SBASAF. watch 3:50
47September 9, 2009 Trudgemank The Cheat makes a video for Taranchula featuring Peacey P. watch 1:50
48September 9, 2009 Myths & Legends Strong Bad tells the legendary legend of the Bear Holding a Shark. watch 3:00
49September 9, 2009 2 Part Episode: Part 2 The Topplegangers break into the Headquarters Playset to free Blue Laser Commander. watch 5:19
50September 9, 2009 2 Part Episode: Part 1 There is division within the Cheat Commandos as they attempt to arrest Blue Laser. watch 4:12
51September 16, 2009 TGS 11 The Teen Girl Squad go to summer camp. watch 3:34
52September 16, 2009 Technology Strong Bad tries to explain technology to middle school students. watch 4:09
53September 16, 2009 Pistols for Pandas Crack Stuntman brings awareness to the cause of arming pandas. watch 2:06
54September 17, 2009 4 Gregs The 4 Gregs go to a varsity football game. watch 3:22
55September 17, 2009 Alternate Universe Strong Bad visits alternate universes with his new alternate portal device. watch 5:59
56September 24, 2009 ISP Strong Bad describes Strong Badia's internet service provider. watch 3:30
57September 24, 2009 TGS 10 It's the Teen Girl Squad Tenthennial Extravaganza! watch 3:37
58September 24, 2009 Compy Catalog The 2009 Compy new products catalog has finally arrived! watch 3:16
59September 24, 2009 Senor Mortgage Get a leg up on the pile and refinance your dreams at Senor Cardgage Mortgage. watch 1:28
60September 25, 2009 4 Branches Strong Bad tries to explain the four branches of stupid things Homestar's done. watch 5:02
61September 29, 2009 Biz Cas Fri 1 Strong Bad is trying to finish the 3rd Quarter projection analysis spreadsheets. watch 1:57
62September 29, 2009 Strong Bad Email #69 - Personal Favorites Strong Bad does the thing where he makes you think it's a clip show but then it's not really a clip show. I think this is the first appearance of the stone bridge. You know, because you care about that sorta stuff, right? watch 2:28
63September 29, 2009 Meet Marshie Meet Marshie and his Fluffy Puff Marshmallows. watch 0:51
64September 29, 2009 Play Date Homestar and Strong Mad have a play date. watch 2:49
65September 29, 2009 Theme Song Strong Bad tries to explain why his email show doesn't have a theme song. watch 4:03
66October 8, 2009 Biz Cas Fri 2 Strong Bad has to go before the shareholders. watch 1:55
67October 8, 2009 Strong Bad Email #68 - Caper Strong Bad gets mad at The Cheat for screwing up the jumble caper and sings "The Cheat is Not Dead" to try and patch things up. watch 2:54
68October 8, 2009 Strong Bad Email #194 - Specially Marked Strong Bad complains about the different types of toys that come in cereal boxes. Hey, maybe give this one a chance! It might be funny! watch 3:18
69October 8, 2009 Malloween Commercial Hey kids, check out Fluffy Puff Malloweens! watch 1:44
70October 9, 2009 Halloween Fairstival Strong Bad is trying to scare the the hiccups out of The Cheat. watch 6:45
71October 13, 2009 Strong Bad Email #29 - Superhero Name Strong Bad introduces his superhero name 'Strong Badman'. Stiny! Get somebody a freakin danish! watch 1:13
72October 13, 2009 Biz Cas Fri 3 Strong Bad does not back up his files. watch 2:22
73October 13, 2009 Fall Float Parade It's the 4Tst Annual Fall Float Parade in Strong Badia! watch 3:35
74October 13, 2009 Jibblies 2 Come on in here! watch 8:29
75October 14, 2009 Strong Bad Email #176 - Hygiene Strong Bad helps John with his hygiene problems by putting him in an embarrassing educational video. watch 4:15
76October 21, 2009 Strong Bad Email #93 - Army Do you has what it takes to join the Homestarmy? Arguably the beginning of the Cheat Commandos! watch 4:16
77October 21, 2009 Strong Bad Email #109 - Crying Strong Bad makes Homestar cry with his drawing of a one legged puppy with an indomitable spirit! Enter Li'l Brudder! watch 3:34
78October 21, 2009 That-a-Ghost Everyone's trying to capture the ghost. watch 3:55
79October 21, 2009 Homestarloween Party Check it out! Homestar's first Haloween Special! watch 5:06
80October 22, 2009 Happy Hallow-day What happened to Halloween night? watch 6:01
81October 29, 2009 Strong Bad Email #7 - Halloweener Strong Bad demonstrates the best way to make a Strong Bad Halloween costume on Stupid Over Here, I mean Homestar. watch 1:20
82October 29, 2009 Strong Bad Email #48 - Ghosts Strong Bad goes hunting for ghosts in Strong Badia and runs into the pixel-y spirit of his old computer! watch 1:53
83October 29, 2009 Halloween Potion-ma-jig Homestar has to find all of Marzipan's potion ingredients. watch 9:13
84October 29, 2009 Costume Commercial Check out the latest Homestar Runner Halloween costumes and products! watch 2:16
85October 30, 2009 Most in the Graveyard The group goes on a graveyard trip! watch 7:51
86November 4, 2009 Homestar vs. Little Girl 2 Puppet Homestar talks to Little Girl about Halloween. watch 1:18
87November 4, 2009 Pumpkin Carve-nival Homestar judges the pumpkin carving contest. watch 6:18
88November 5, 2009 3 Times Halloween Funjob Will the group be able to contact the spirit of Credenza? watch 8:13
89November 5, 2009 A Folky Tale Strong Sad tells the tale of Saddy Dumpington. watch 4:12
90November 5, 2009 Strong Bad Email #90 - Colonization Strong Bad describes the colonization of Strong Badia like a politically incorrect 1980's third grade american history book might. watch 2:04
91November 5, 2009 Strong Bad Email #61 - Monster Truck Awexome Cross 98! This SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SOMEDAY! Limozeen drops they numba one jam 'Because, It's Midnite' on an unsuspecting public! watch 1:48
92November 11, 2009 Best Caper Ever Strong Bad tries to remember how he pulled of the best caper ever. watch 2:47
93November 11, 2009 Career Day Space Captainface stops by Career Day. watch 4:22
94November 12, 2009 Let Us Give TANKS! The Cheat Commandos are invited to Thanksgiving dinner with Blue Laser. watch 5:00
95November 12, 2009 Strong Bad Email #100 - Flashback Strong Bad answers his 100th email in WIDESCREEEEEEEEEEEEN! Reveals the secret origins of Duck Shirt Homestar and The Cheat! watch 5:06
96November 18, 2009 Some Stupid Turkey Strong Bad dresses up like a turkey. watch 0:50
97November 18, 2009 Strong Bad Email #80 - Stunt Double Strong Bad proves he does all his own stunt work by showing clips from his smash hit movie Dangeresque 2. Witness the genesis (peter gabriel, not phil collins) of the world's best private eye/crooked cop: Dangeresque! watch 2:23
98November 18, 2009 Coach Z 110% Call Now!! Coach Z's 110% Hustle for Sports Instructional Video. watch 1:48
99November 18, 2009 Strong Bad Email #91 - Caffeine See what happens when Strong Sad is given caffeine! It's the most understandable Strong Mad has ever been! watch 2:48
100November 18, 2009 Toikey TV Strong Bad can't find anything to watch on Thanksgiving. watch 2:36
101November 23, 2009 Strong Bad Email #72 - Crazy Cartoon Strong Bad makes a crazy cartoon for Monkeydude. Sweet Cuppin' Cakes and Eh! Steve! are born! And then The Cheat makes one of his terrible cartoons even! This sbemail has it ALL! watch 2:45
102November 23, 2009 Strong Bad Email #92 - Kind of Cool Strong Bad describes what he would be like if he wasn't a stylish, buff, handsome man. Enter Senor Cardgage!! watch 2:42
103November 23, 2009 The Baloneyman Here comes the Baloneyman! watch 2:48
104November 23, 2009 Next Epi-Snowed Crack Stuntman is giving the Cheat Commandos some trouble while recording his lines. watch 4:13
105November 23, 2009 Twenty THANXty Six Stinkoman learns about being thankful. watch 2:19
106December 4, 2009 Snowglobe A Rather Dashing snowglobe! watch 0:51
107December 4, 2009 Strong Bad Email #189 - Pet Show The Cheat gets entered in the Cat Mess Inbredtational Pet Show. watch 3:52
108December 4, 2009 A Decemberween Pageant Strong Badia puts on a Decemberween Pageant. watch 4:19
109December 4, 2009 Strong Bad Email #195 - Love Poems Dr. Marvin Rubdown gives lessons on writing love poems. watch 4:24
110December 4, 2009 Happy Dethemberween Strong Bad describes what Dethemberween is all about. watch 2:57
111December 9, 2009 The Best Decemberween Ever Homestar tries to figure out the perfect Decemberween gift for Strong Bad. watch 4:45
112December 9, 2009 Strong Bad Email #197 - Your Edge Strong Bad tries to prove he's not losing his edge. watch 4:08
113December 9, 2009 Strong Bad Email #190 - Licensed Learn how to become an officially licensed UNlicensed seller of Strong Bad and The Cheat knock-offs. watch 4:28
114December 9, 2009 Homestar Presents: Presents Homestar has to do some last-minute Decemberween shopping. watch 4:33
115December 16, 2009 A Death-Defying Decemberween Homestar attempts to sled down The Steep Deep! watch 5:32
116December 16, 2009 Strong Bad Email #10 - Trevor the Vampire Strong Bad looks back at a few of his favorite Trevor memories. watch 1:12
117December 16, 2009 Strong Bad Email #87 - Mile SB takes the week off so the Cheat takes a crack at making his own poorly animated email cartoon. watch 2:33
118December 16, 2009 Strongest Man in the World A remake of the classic Strongest Man in the World contest. watch 4:27
119December 17, 2009 Hooked on Decemberween Check out some Decemberween songs! watch 7:00
120December 17, 2009 Decemberween in July A collection of Decemberween shorts! watch 6:44
121September 25, 2014 April Fools 2014 Homestar finally updates everyone's favorite part of his dot com. watch 5:30
122September 26, 2014 Strong Bad Email #4 - Homestar Hair watch 2:02
123September 25, 2014 Strong Bad Email #6 - Depressio watch 2:01
124September 25, 2014 Strong Bad Email #5 - Making Out watch 2:06
125September 25, 2014 Strong Bad Email #8 - Brianrietta watch 0:59
126September 25, 2014 Strong Bad Email #2 - Homsar Someone can't spell "Homestar." The world is never the same. watch 0:52
127September 25, 2014 Strong Bad Email #3 - Butt IQ watch 1:06
128October 3, 2014 Fish Eye Lens Strong Bad makes a new #1 jam with the help of Coach Z...and a fish-eye lens. watch 4:08
129October 20, 2014 Halloween Safety Some real talk about Halloween safety. In conjunction with watch 2:56
130October 30, 2014 I Killed Pom Pom! Homestar moudous Pom Pom. Strong Bad gets some autumnal pastries. watch 10:10
131April 1, 2015 Strong Bad Email #206 - April 1st Strong Bad dusts off his old computer to checka some email. watch 5:26
132April 18, 2015 Record Store Day b/w B-est of B-sides Strong Sad camps out for sloshy's most obscure release to date. watch 3:26
133August 3, 2015 Flash is Dead!! Strong Bad tries to warn Homestar of impending doom. Homestar tries to update his dating profile. watch 3:23
134September 30, 2015 Strong Bad Classics - The Ocelot and the Porridge Maiden Strong Bad reads one of Strong Sad's most favoritest tales. Debut of the famous Lum Swooper! watch 3:17
135October 29, 2015 Halloween 2015 - The House That Gave Sucky Tricks Homestar's haunted house inspires Strong Bad to yell a lot. watch 8:13
136November 10, 2015 Fan 'Stumes 2015 Strong Bad does his usual make-funnery to people who dressed up in H*R themed Halloween 'stumes. watch 3:12
137April 1, 2016 Marzipan's Answering Machine #17 Everybody, everybody calls to leave Marzipan a message! watch 31:10
138October 26, 2016 Videlectrix - Halloween Waggle Special Halloween edition of Joystick Waggling' watch 3:10
139October 28, 2016 Later That Night... The gang gathers in the spooky woods to comment on each other's costumes after a hilarious Halloween adventure that definitely happened. watch 6:46
140November 18, 2016 Fan Costumes 2016 Strong Bad (the character) makes fun of fan Halloween costumes. watch 5:05
141December 27, 2016 Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold Homestar and Strong Bad discover a long-lost Homestar Runner story. They read it. That's all. watch 7:35
142August 14, 2017 Strong Bad Email #207 - Too Cool Strong Bad dares to view Senor Cardgage's character video watch 5:14
143August 24, 2017 Skills of an Artist - Muscleman Bulging bundles and number 2 pencils! Strong Bad shares his best ab drawing tips. watch 1:39
144August 24, 2017 Skills of an Artist - Sammich The master of the foreshortened pizzang draws a ham sammy. Mmmm...seasoned fortulami. watch 1:55
145August 24, 2017 Skills of an Artist - Cannonmouth The new classic? You better believe it! It's picture day for Cannonmouth! watch 1:39
146August 24, 2017 Skills of an Artist - Strong Sad's Severed Soolnds Go from severed leg to quaint bistro restrooms in no time! It's marinara, mom! watch 1:58
147August 24, 2017 Skills of an Artist - Posh Toilet Paper Squanch it out! Draw the fanciest toilet papes money can buy. watch 1:37
148August 28, 2017 Dangeresque: Puppet Squad - The Curly-Fried Caper Never mess with another crooked cop's curly fries! watch 2:12
149August 28, 2017 Homestar Runner Squintmojis The newest craze! The slightest impression will slightly impress! Text your friends! Create your own! watch 1:11
150September 4, 2017 Skills of an Artist - End Boss Strong Bad busts out the graph paper to design the best end boss ever! watch 2:15
151September 4, 2017 Labor Dabor Todaybor Day is Labor Day! Steer clear of third-style rations! watch 1:29
152September 11, 2017 Skills of an Artist - Cartoon Characters Learn to draw Character 1 and Character 2 using the most laid back methods ever devised (far-out). watch 2:06
153September 13, 2017 Teen Girl Squad #2 Hot tips lead to alien knee-bashings and jimmies. watch 1:08
154September 13, 2017 Teen Girl Squad #1 Trying to look so good results in fatal Arrowed-ings. watch 1:11
155September 13, 2017 Teen Girl Squad #4 Cheerleader hits it off with Quarterman. So-and-So has a date with Brett Bretterson in a bottomless pit. watch 2:21
156September 13, 2017 Teen Girl Squad #5 Cheerleader hits it off with Quarterman. So-and-So has a date with Brett Bretterson in a bottomless pit. watch 2:17
157September 13, 2017 Teen Girl Squad #3 Cheerleader hits it off with Quarterman. So-and-So has a date with Brett Bretterson in a bottomless pit. watch 1:39
158September 13, 2017 Teen Girl Squad #7 Preschool versions of them! Shorter and rounder! watch 2:16
159September 13, 2017 Teen Girl Squad #9 With Cheerleader gone, the remaining TGSers form the Best Friends Squad. It lasts a few seconds. watch 2:32
160September 13, 2017 Teen Girl Squad #8 TGS competes in the battle of the bands. watch 3:13
161September 13, 2017 Teen Girl Squad #6 As per tradition, the girls exchange Decemberween presents in the digestive system of an apex predator. watch 1:36
162September 18, 2017 Strong Bad Email #12 - Credit Card Strong Bad traps Homestar in a classic credit card scam. watch 1:23
163September 18, 2017 Strong Bad Email #17 - Studying Strong Bad gives advice on, you guessed it, studying. watch 1:17
164September 18, 2017 Strong Bad Email #14 - Duck Pond Strong Bad plays Duck Pond Simulator. watch 0:58
165September 18, 2017 Strong Bad Email #15 - The Basics Strong Bad gives basic tips on how to mess with people. watch 1:13
166September 18, 2017 Strong Bad Email #19 - Tape-Leg Tape-Leg 1, not to be confused with Tape-Leg 2. watch 1:05
167September 18, 2017 Strong Bad Email #20 - Spring Cleaning Strong Bad cleans out his inbox with a little help from DELETED! watch 1:32
168September 18, 2017 Strong Bad Email #13 - I She Be Strong Bad makes fun of grammar and stuff. watch 1:14
169September 18, 2017 Strong Bad Email #11 - I Rule Strong Bad checks in on/invents Strong Badia. Apparently it is behind a dumpster we've never seen before. watch 0:45
170September 18, 2017 Strong Bad Email #18 - Stand-Up Strong Bad's first and last stand-up comedy performance. watch 1:33
171September 27, 2017 Characters from Yonder Website Let it all slip away and find your lost gumption with Characters from Yonder Website. watch 3:33
172September 28, 2017 Strong Bad Email #27 - 3 Wishes Strong Bad wishes he had croissants crammed into his head. Or something like that. watch 1:36
173September 28, 2017 Strong Bad Email #22 - sb_email 22 The Cheat helps Strong Bad recover from a PR nightmare after he offends the UK. watch 1:06
174September 28, 2017 Strong Bad Email #21 - Cartoon Strong Bad does commentary on a cartoon of himself just standing around. watch 1:49
175September 28, 2017 Strong Bad Email #24 - The Bird Strong Bad checks his email at the stick and shares his award-winning flip-offery. watch 1:21
176September 28, 2017 Strong Bad Email #23 - Little Animal The origin story of kicking The Cheat. watch 1:02
177September 28, 2017 Strong Bad Email #25 - Super Powers The power behind the blue diamond-y thing on Strong Bad's mask is revealed. watch 1:21
178September 28, 2017 Strong Bad Email #28 - One Step Ahead This one goes Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style as Strong Bad has several ideas for gluing Strong Sad's hands to his face. watch 2:22
179September 28, 2017 Strong Bad Email #30 - 12:00 Bubs helps Strong Bad program his VCR clock. watch 1:16
180October 4, 2017 Skills of an Artist - Eagle Learn to apply 'nature's wave' in all its glory as Strong Bad draws an eagle's sketchy brother. watch 1:24
181October 4, 2017 Skills of an Artist - Classic Stand-up Arcade Game Strong Bad draws the control panel for a classic arcade cabinet. watch 1:48
182October 5, 2017 Strong Bad Email #31 - Sugarbob Strong Bad helps a guy with his girlfriend or something. watch 1:52
183October 5, 2017 Strong Bad Email #37 - Dullard Strong Bad gives advice on how to deal with the office dullard. watch 2:19
184October 5, 2017 Strong Bad Email #32 - Flag Day Strong Bad reveals the flag and national anthem of Strong Badia. There isn't, as it turns out, lots of chocolate. watch 2:07
185October 5, 2017 Strong Bad Email #33 - Gimmicks The first of many times Strong Bad has to deal with explosion-prone computers. watch 1:24
186October 5, 2017 Strong Bad Email #38 - Helium Strong Bad temporarily joins the high-voice crew with the help of leftover party balloon. The Cheat learns to fly! watch 1:46
187October 5, 2017 Strong Bad Email #40 - Vacation Strong Bad temporarily joins the high-voice crew with the help of leftover party balloon. The Cheat learns to fly! watch 4:50
188October 5, 2017 Strong Bad Email #34 - Weird Dream Briefly, Strong Bad describes a weird dream he had. watch 1:22
189October 5, 2017 Strong Bad Email #39 - Property of Ones Strong Bad makes up some bogus mathematic equations about cold ones. watch 1:23
190October 12, 2017 Skills of an Artist LIVE!! A lo-fi archive of Strong Bad's live drawing of a cross-sectioned The Cheat! watch 4:24
191October 13, 2017 Strong Bad Email #60 - Huttah! Strong Bad is frustrated at all the emails asking about The Cheat. Probably the least descriptive title of all Strong Bad's emails. watch 2:39
192October 13, 2017 Strong Bad Email #46 - Your Friends Doing what he does best, Strong Bad just be's mean to his friends. watch 1:15
193October 13, 2017 Strong Bad Email #56 - Current Status Strong Bad is apparently able to switch people's heads in this oft-forgotten sbemail. watch 1:28
194October 13, 2017 Strong Bad Email #44 - Lures & Jigs Strong Bad and Coach Z have a boring fishing TV show in this one. watch 2:17
195October 13, 2017 Strong Bad Email #52 - Island The classic episode where Strong Bad and Homestar get stuck on a desert island. watch 2:25
196October 13, 2017 Strong Bad Email #59 - Marzipan Quadruple negatives abound as Strong Bad tries to get Marzipan to admit she likes him. watch 2:36
197October 13, 2017 Strong Bad Email #47 - New Hands Strong Bad makes a mistake when picking what to replace his hands with. watch 1:56
198October 13, 2017 Strong Bad Email #49 - Theme Party Strong Bad helps so college students with their upcoming party. watch 1:55
199October 13, 2017 Strong Bad Email #55 - Cheat Talk watch 2:56
200October 13, 2017 Strong Bad Email #43 - Little Questions Strong Bad answers questions from Sweden. watch 1:34
201October 13, 2017 Strong Bad Email #54 - Morning Routine The 'R' in Strong Bad's morning routine stands for... watch 2:13
202October 25, 2017 Skills of an Artist #11 - Tennis Shorts Witness as Strong Bad transforms mom's favorite into posh home decor! watch 2:13
203October 25, 2017 Skills of an Artist #12 - Large Bean The cursed legume strikes again! Armed with his untucked thrift store shirts no less! watch 2:09
204October 27, 2017 Greatest American Homestar Puppet Homestar revisits a classic costume and chooses to end in song! He can't believe it himself. watch 1:09
205October 30, 2017 Haunted Photo Booth! When the character Marzipan rents a haunted photo booth for her Halloween party for characters... other characters get involved! watch 7:42
206November 9, 2017 Skills of an Artist #13 - Cornucopia Strong Bad makes drawing an autumnal centerpiece easy and destructive. Featuring receding ploomps. watch 2:10
207November 10, 2017 Strong Bad Email #66 - The Show Strong Bad gives us a glimpse of Homestar's daytime talk-show-game-show, 'The Show.' watch 2:49
208November 10, 2017 Strong Bad Emil #62 - Interview Strong Bad sorta interviews Homsar. Also, I had forgotten that it was actually Strong Bad who invented, 'I was raised by a cup of coffee." watch 2:12
209November 10, 2017 Strong Bad Email #67 - Autobiography Listen to some excerpts from Strong Bad's books-on-tape autobiography. watch 2:59
210November 10, 2017 Strong Bad Email #63 - Fingers Strong Bad imagines what it would by like to have fingers. Or rather a bunch of random stuff taped to his boxing gloves. watch 2:10
211November 10, 2017 Strong Bad Email #65 - Unused Emails What does Strong Bad do with all the emails he doesn't check on his email show? Watch this episode of his email show to find out! watch 1:43
212November 15, 2017 Fan 'Stumes 2017 Strong Bad's Annual H*R Themed Halloween Costume Bashing Bash watch 5:35
213November 29, 2017 Strong Bad Email #73 - Mascot Crazy Go Nuts University's mascot shows up at The Cheat's Golf Club Team match! watch 2:04
214November 29, 2017 Strong Bad Email #74 - Privileges The Cheat cashes in his customer rewards card in this Strong Bad email cartoon! watch 2:50
215November 29, 2017 Strong Bad Email #75 - Funny SB transforms into some type of squeaky guy. Floppy disk and ketchup co-star. watch 2:23
216November 29, 2017 Strong Bad Email #71 - 2 Emails Strong Bad checks 2 emails and tries to travel both forward and back in time. watch 3:18
217November 29, 2017 Strong Bad Email #70 - Big White Face After some soul-searching and looking at low-res portraits of everyone, Strong Bad realizes he needs to apologize to the Poopsmith. watch 2:54
218December 14, 2017 Skills of an Artist #14 - Clownbread SB hits the looseleaf with no plan this week and ends up drawing a kids' motivational poster featuring a piece of bread with a protruding clown face. watch 1:51
219December 14, 2017 Skills of an Artist #15 - Draccus A special Skills of an Artist earned as a stretch goal of World Builders annual fundraiser! Strong Bad draws a Draccus from Patrick Rothfuss's Kingkiller Chronicles! watch 2:16
220December 23, 2017 Dangeresque: Puppet Squad - The Hot Jones Hi-Jack A Dangeresque Puppet Squad Decemberween Special! The titular hero needs to track down his favorite holiday beverage in this festive star-studded romp! Will he have to jump? watch 7:23

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[edit] sportsinterviewa


On April 1, 2008, an Easter egg was added to shapeshifter which contained the following string of letters and numbers: "3uSyK2RdlUY". This turned out to be the YouTube video ID for an exclusive video, Strong Bad Gameways. The video was uploaded by a user named sportsinterviewa, a reference to Lem Sportsinterviews (the account "sportsinterviews" was already taken). On October 5, 2009, a similar Easter egg for videography was posted to the same account, Coach Z pukes in dude's toupee.

[edit] tdougland


On April 4, 2008, a user named tdougland — allegedly Teeg Dougland, Limozeen's manager — uploaded 14 videos from the March 27, 2008 Limozeen Live! performance. The channel was linked to from via a main page message. The description reads "Limozeen's March 27 show at the 10 High Club in Atlanta, Ga!"

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[edit] The Turtle

The Turtle, pre-oatmealing

While reptiles are frequently mentioned in the Homestar Runner universe, one turtle in particular has been spotted several times, usually associated with Strong Bad. It first appears when Buckethand Strong Bad uses his bucket hand to dump oatmeal on it. A boy named Geoff found the turtle in his shoe, claiming its name was Slowbie, and renaming it Mr. Shoe, as shown in a newspaper clipping from time capsule. It appears in 3D in the Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People episode Homestar Ruiner, when it is one of the obstacles that you need to jump over in the Tri-Annual Race to the End of the Race. It is used as the symbol for "slow" in 8-Bit is Enough when Strong Bad talks to the enemies of Stinkoman 20X6. Strong Bad flips it upside down (along with Strong Mad) in sbemail206, as an April Fools Day prank.

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[edit] Fresh

Aptly named.

The characters of the Homestar Runner universe often use the word fresh in unusual ways.

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[[Category:Word running gags]]

[edit] Other The Papers

At the end of most Strong Bad Emails, a link to email Strong Bad is printed on a piece of paper. Most of the time, this link appears on The Paper, New Paper, Compé-per, or CGI Paper; however, sometimes a replacement paper is used. This most often happens because the email or scene is a different style than usual (for example, Old-Timey or Powered by The Cheat).

Image Description Appearances
"The Future...Sorta!" Supra Modern Telegram is the Old-Timey version of The Paper. It is only seen in the DVD version of little animal, during an Old-Timey Easter egg. It is a gray paper that reads "-the end-" below its slogan, "The Future...Sorta!". The sides of the paper have darker gray boxes with letters and numbers inside of them. little animal (DVD version)
File:PBTCPaper.png Powered by The Cheat The Paper has been seen in two Powered by The Cheat-themed emails. Most of the time, it has the same text as The Paper, but in badly-formed letters. In DVD versions, YouTube versions, and Crazy Cartoon (its only non-email appearance), it reads ">>>The End<<<". It makes a vocalized "preeeeow"-like sound when it comes down. crazy cartoon/Crazy Cartoon, mile
We the people... In Strong Bad's dream email aboard the Nuclear Class Submarine "Soccermom", he uses an upside-down copy of the United States Constitution, with the email address written at the top in red. The paper is beige and looks old, with small tears and wrinkles. dreamail
An envelope... That's all. The Envelope Paper is an interdepartmental Manila envelope with "click HERE to email strong bad" written on its flap. Only the section marked "HERE" is actually clickable. The Envelope Paper's tenure was short-lived, only being used in one email alongside the Corpy NT6 after The Paper and/or New Paper disintegrated in the Lappy 486's explosion in the previous email, hremail3184. In independent, Strong Bad began using his new Compé for checking his email and the Envelope Paper was replaced with the Compé-per. imaginary

[[Category:Strong Bad Email running gags]][[Category:Papers]]

[edit] Odd Similes

"'Cause I'm smart as peanuts!"

Sometimes, a character of the Homestar Runner universe (usually Homestar Runner) will use an odd simile.

[edit] Appearances

  • Summer Short Shorts — Homestar Runner says:
    • "You and me, we're like two breads in a biscuit."
    • "We're like this bowl of mayonnaise here."
    • "I'm smart as peanuts."
    • "You and me? Soggy napkin."
  • Strongest Man in the World — Homestar Runner says "I feel fresh as a bagel!"
  • Email rough copy — Homestar Runner says "Pure as a mountain goat."
  • Email winter poolStrong Bad says "Smack it like a newborn's biscuit."
  • April Fool 2014 — Homestar Runner says "Just like fallin' off a web van."

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[[Category:Word running gags]][[Category:Spelling and Grammar]]

[edit] The Rest

"And the rest!"

"The Rest" are a group of three unnamed Old-Timey characters. They are only seen in the title sequence of Sickly Sam's Big Outing, when an announcer introduces each character, and never mentioned again. The audience also seem unfamiliar with these characters, as they react in confusion when they are shown.

The Rest consists of what appears to be an alien, a robot, and a worm-like creature. The alien is light-colored and resembles a stereotypical alien, with a large head, large black eyes, and nostrils. The robot is metallic and mostly square-shaped, with upside down triangle-shaped eyes, a zig-zag mouth, and dark hair. Dotted lines are faintly visible on his body, and he has diagonal lines on his arms, with a shiny ball for what appears to be each elbow (although his arms are not seen any further due to the circle border). The worm has a bowler hat and wrinkles, with circles around his closed eyes, one light and one dark. The area around his mouth is darker, resembling lips.

[edit] Complete Filmography

[[Category:Old-Timey Characters]][[Category:Robots]]

[edit] Weekdays at X:30

"Tuesdays at 8:30."

In The Brothers Chaps' projects (both Homestar Runner and Two More Eggs), the same specific gruff, raspy voice will announce the time of certain TV shows during their commercials (in the format "[Days] at [hour]:30"), and occasionally comment on the quality of the show. The time is usually "weekdays", and the time always ends with :30.

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[edit] Side Projects

  • Two More Eggs
    • In the episode "CGI Palz: Theme Song", after the CGI Palz theme song, he says "Weekday mornings at, like, 5:30. That's really early. Don't... let your kids watch it."
    • In the episode "Hot Diggity: Theme Song", after the Hot Diggity theme song, he says "Weekday afternoons at 3:30. This— this one you should watch. It's a real train wreck."
    • In the episode "Parental Notice: Two More Eggs", when the Two More Eggs logo pops up, he says "Two More Eggs. Weekdays at 0:30." (pronounced "never-thirty").

[edit] Montage Interruptions

"And then I put it on my face..."

Occasionally, when a montage begins, it will be interrupted in the middle by something boring or out-of-the-ordinary, usually accompanied by the music abruptly stopping, and restarting when the montage continues.

[edit] Appearances

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[edit] Toons

[list of toons]

[edit] Special Cartoons

Other toons not featured on the toon menu.

[edit] YouTube exclusives

Screenshot Name Description Length Year
1 Strong Bad Gameways
Strong Bad gives safety tips for his Gameways. 1:53 2008
2 Coach Z pukes in dude's toupee
A quality videograph wherein Coach Z, being of pukeable stature, pukemakes most moistly into the perceived hairpiece of another wholly different and completely unrelated dude. 0:19 2009
3 Strong Bad reads "The Ocelot and the Porridge Maiden" (Teaser Trailer)
Strong Bad, your favorite character, and according to him the ONLY character on Homestar Runner, has teased you with a teasing teaser for his upcoming masterpiece, "The Ocelot and the Porridge Maiden". 0:53 2014
4 Joystick Wagglin' with Videlectrix: Halloween Edition
Special Halloween edition of Joystick Waggling' 3:09 2016
5 Greatest American Homestar
Puppet Homestar revisits a classic costume and chooses to end in song! He can't believe it himself. 1:09 2017
6 Record Store Day 2018
Sloshy gets even more obscure than usual with this year's pretentious release.

Lullaby arrangement by Robert Schneider

Made using Instructable by Fred Murphy:

1:16 2018
7 Six-Sadded, Die. - Peasant Burnination
Strong Sad walks you through the finer -and Frenchier- points of peasant burnination in Trogdor!! The Board Game. 4:53 2018
8 Stack 'Em to the Heavens!
Marshie's made up song from 15 years ago somehow turns into a stacking game included with Strong Bad's made up dragon board game! 1:03 2018
9 Quickstart Overview (video)
In the first track off the Rulebook EP, Strong Bad lays out the objectives for Trogdor!! the Board Game in broad strokes. Strong Mad and The Cheat team up to direct! 2:29 2019

[edit] strongbad_email.exe

Screenshot Name Length Year
1 Greeting Cards 1:20 2004
2 E-mail Birds 1:02 2004
3 Videro Games 1:37 2004
4 Email Intros 8:13 2004
5 Tis True, Pom Pom, Tis True 2:45 2004
6 Trogdor (karaoke) 1:51 2004
7 Nite Mamas (karaoke) 2:36 2004
8 Dangeresque (karaoke) 1:32 2004
9 Fhqwhgads (karaoke) 1:56 2004
10 Secret Song 1:41 2004
11 Moving Very Slowly 1:38 2004
12 Some Puppet Stuff 3:54 2004
13 Making of Email 100 3:07 2004
14 The Cheatar (making of) 0:54 2004
15 Sample of Style 4:12 2004
16 Sketchbook 7:16 2004
17 3D Menu Screen Tests 0:45 2004
18 Some Extras 3:04 2004
19 Day at the Park 0:19 2004

[edit] Everything Else

Screenshot Name Length Year
1 Greeting Cards 1:20 2004

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