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My mouth tastes like… userboxes.
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Welcome... to... my... page. Yeah! Welcome to my user page! I'm Fotoshop, but you probably already know that, because of the colorful fuchsiania title underneath the "User:Fotoshop" title, underneath the "User:Fotoshop" window title bar. So, yeah. Congratulations! You now know that I'm Fotoshop! Yay! Yeah... I'm rather new here. But I do know how to use Flash and Photoshop!

About Me

I'm a person.

Things I like to do

I like using my computer for various... things. I like animating in Flash, checking the wiki, and watching stuff on My brother even says I'm "Bubsessed" (it's the best he could do)! So far, I think I'm pretty good at Flash, with three years of experience. Sometimes I like to play computer games I played a long time ago. Just a while ago, I began creating a Homestar Icy Tower character, but it didn't save correctly and disappeared.

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