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Troll Count Many
  • Favorite H*R character: Strong Mad
  • Favorite Strong Bad E-mail: used to be kids' book until virus came out
  • Favorite Wiki activity: troll hunting
  • Found out about H*R from: the forum at
  • Found out about the Wiki from: H*R discussions on
  • Non H*R-related interests: classical music, webcomics, games

Upcoming events

FortyTwo most often uses the Wiki as a tool for procrastination. Here are the things for which she should be preparing!

  • Graduation: May 13, 2005
  • Wedding: July 16, 2005

Useful Tools

This site has tools for pausing, fast-forwarding, and rewinding in Flash. They're especially useful for creating H*R transcripts and double-checking Fun Facts. The bookmarks work in Firefox, even though the page doesn't specifically say so. FortyTwo highly recommends them!

Favorite sites

An apt description.

You share FortyTwo's love of Homestar Runner. Perhaps your tastes overlap in other areas!

  • Melonpool -- a webcomic about clueless aliens wandering the universe in a giant duck-shaped spaceship
  • Narbonic -- a webcomic about an evil scientist in pink sunglasses, her evil intern, her super-intelligent genetically modified gerbil, and her computer guy
  • -- the art projects, science experiments, pranks, and social causes of Rob Cockerham
  • Little Fluffy Industries -- fun games on the Web
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