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  • Favorite H*R character: Strong Mad
  • Favorite Strong Bad E-mail: used to be kids' book until virus came out
  • Favorite Wiki activity: troll hunting
  • Found out about H*R from: the forum at
  • Found out about the Wiki from: H*R discussions on
  • Non H*R-related interests: classical music, webcomics, games

Upcoming events

FortyTwo most often uses the Wiki as a tool for procrastination. Here are the things for which she should be preparing!

  • Grad school application due date: January 15, 2005
  • Senior viola recital: February 5, 2005
  • Graduation: May 13, 2005
  • Wedding: July 16, 2005

Favorite sites

You share FortyTwo's love of Homestar Runner. Perhaps your tastes overlap in other areas!

  • Melonpool -- a webcomic about clueless aliens wandering the universe in a giant duck-shaped spaceship
  • Narbonic -- a webcomic about an evil scientist in pink sunglasses, her evil intern, her super-intelligent genetically modified gerbil, and her computer guy
  • -- the art projects, science experiments, pranks, and social causes of Rob Cockerham
  • Little Fluffy Industries -- fun games on the Web
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