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About FortyTwo

  • Favorite H*R character: While I love Homsar, I find Strong Mad to be a lovable character. See, he obviously loves The Cheat, but does The Cheat reciprocate his affection? No. He's too busy hanging out with Strong Mad's more charismatic younger brother. Still, Strong Mad carries on, despite his case of unrequited love. At least he can pretend that Tony Stony loves him back.
  • Favorite Strong Bad E-mail: used to be kids' book until virus came out.
  • Favorite Wiki activity: troll hunting
  • Found out about the Wiki from: H*R discussions on
  • Non H*R-related interests: classical music, webcomics, games

Favorite sites

  • -- naturally!
  • Melonpool -- a webcomic about clueless aliens wandering the universe in a giant duck-shaped spaceship
  • Narbonic -- a webcomic about an evil scientist in pink sunglasses, her evil intern, her super-intelligent genetically modified gerbil, and her computer guy
  • -- the art projects, science experiments, and social causes of Rob Cockerham
  • Little Fluffy Industries -- fun games on the Web
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