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5 days till Decemberween...

F-to-the-i, double-z, 1-2-3!

I am a grammar freak! My friends call me the "human dictionary" so I feel it is my duty to GO AROUND AND CHECK FOR SPELLING ERRORS! I chose to end in song! I like exclamation points! I also like to vote on the STUFF page a lot.

                 My Favorite...

Strong Bad Email- theme park Toon-I dunno. Character-The Cheat TGS- 7 or 8

My personality is here to find yours Sorry i the page is down. It still work sometimes, kinda.

First toon-The Cheat Theme Song First Email-Old Comics The Email that was new when I got here-Time Capsule How I discovered the site-Some boys at school Gender-f Age-10 (I know I'm little, and new, but I'm OK, OK?)

  • Experience the fury of our gift shoooop.
  • Never ending so-oh-da! Ah-ah-ah ah-ah-ah ah-ah-ah.
  • Shinin' up a chicken in the mo'nin mo'nin!
  • Meh!

Some of you may know me as PrincessHomestar from the fanstuff wiki.

I AM FEMALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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