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I got this when i fought a troll. TROLLS MUST DIE!!!!?!?!

Hi! Im firebird and this is my userPage.

I love! its my favorite website out on the inter-net (beside hrwiki lol!!!)

my favorite character is ((1-Up)) and my favorite movie is ((best thing)).

I really really want to be a sysop here. i plan to keep on workng hard so may be Dot commy will make me 1

cool people

  • sysops and admins- you guys probly the best people on the wiki. keep up tue good work
  • Has Matt? - your my favorite keep up the good work
  • the Thing - your probly my favorite keep up the good work
  • seriously- im going to miss you. you were always my favorite
  • Venusy - your usrepage was my favorite
  • everyone else - you guys are my favorite

that's all sorry if i forgot any1


We can't have guestbooks anymroe because the stupid admins made us take them dowN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here's my sig: —FireBird|Talk

okay thats all

leave comments below the line

If possible, can you please change the Editing Help page for WikiTikiTavi Format? Thank You, The new kid

go away!

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