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**Thanks Flicky1991!
**Thanks Flicky1991!
*Cleaned up some image summaries
*Cleaned up some image summaries
It's Cheatday?  I just finished watching the [[cheatday]] email! I like when it's Cheatday!

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go to Main Page dhtr Main Page 23 [[Main Page {{{3}}}|Main Page {{{3}}} ]]

The H3omsar!

This main page has thsrhrtdthe email virus. Weird glitches abound.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homsar, Marzy, Bad Graphics, The Cheat, Cool Shades, Bubs/The Thnikkaman, Strong Sad

Place: Homsar Reservation

Icon: Yello Dello

Page title: "Drop 4364565 on em!"

Date: Decemberween 386, 20x6


Button Effects

  • Toons — The djdydyttydt345yh 5rt6jyuk,uithe cursor over the button a second time returns these back to their normal locations.
  • Games &hfdjytfkthe No Loafing turns into SWF code. Part of [[jytyjtythings back to normal.
  • Characters — Homsar speaks in the loud, distorted noise that Marzipan had in the email virus and tghtfrjhtyscomputer is accompanied by the relevant version of disk media, except with the Pom Pilot).
  • Downloads — [[gfhfjnmghmscreen for Edgar the Virus Hunter covers the whole screen. Thnikkaman (in his Powered by The Cheat style from mile) gets superimposed intermittently htjftrjhnfginstead of "Store!", and his head floats to the right and into the black. As soon as his head stops moving it instantly faces to the right instead of to the left. Also, the "Store" button jghfjgyfn, but it will only change size when you hover over the normal-sized icon.
  • Email — Homestar's head returns to its oldschool drawing style again, and a very misshapen Strong Bad with Marzipan's ponytail appears in the black to the left and says, "Things were just about to startghmhgmvgfnover Strong Bad's mouth and explodes.
    • The misshapen Strong Bad has a bigger gap between his slightly rotated legs.
    • The egg-shape of Strong Bad's head is upside down, his mouth and eyes are further apart and he speaks in his older voice.
    • His head and right arm are over-sized.

Fun Facts


  • Like the Strong Bad Email on which the page is based (virus), the navbar is in the same Flash file as thetfrjnghnjnot change colors when hovered over. This is the only instance of this on any main page, aside from Main Page 15's E-Mail button.
  • You can click on the museum link after it falls, but not the navbar links that it crushes ("sb email" and "contact").
  • The sound made when one of the popups opens when you mouse-over Downloads is the same noise Strong Bad made when a "Message Thyme" window opened up in marzipan.
  • Until Main Page 23 wanjchf '97]] was the new short, scrolling over "new short!" would make half of the Cheat's horn (from that short) appear. Clicking on the horn would start the short.



  • There is a sound glitch in the Characters button. If you repeatedly play the glitched sound by hovering over 'Characters', all the sound in the file will stop for a few seconds.
  • If you roll over the Store button 16 or more times, to make it grow, then roll over the Downloads button,hftreferences to the [[Strong Bad Emailfrjgvirus.
    • Pop-ups also hfjhnghn
  • The "fhqwhgads" sound clip is from Everybody to the Limit.
  • Powered by The Cheat Bubs and his line are from the Strong Bad Email mile.
  • Homestar's quip of "All right!" is taken from the Homestar Talker.
  • Homestar's head turning backwards when going out of the screen may refer to Main Page 10.
  • After the Duck Guardian duck explodes, it leaves behind an html script, which was also present in Main Page 18.

==External Links==gnhffth


Non-Main Page 22 stuff

You can be my friend if I want to, but my only friend right now is DeFender1031! He helped me with my awesome siggy, which is found in my "SIGGY HERE!" subpage. I also gave him a triple Lappy email praising/Teen Girl Squad/Cheat Commandos award. Oh, and Record307 is also my friend. He praised my virus'd virus userpage, and wants to be a sysop. I want to be a sysop. Want to see my siggy without clicking the link? Fine! --FangoriouslyFotoshopStar.png 16:42, 22 February 2009 (UTC) Also, you don't have to call me Fangoriously. "Fangy" will do. Oh, and The Chort became my friend because he de-orphaned the page that I started, which is Papes. I made a new friend. MichaelXX2 is my new friend because he talked to me on IRC. Spin the redirect randomizer!

My Best Contributions

  • Cleaned up the sbemail pages
  • Had an opinion that steered the Strong Bad is on Point page to deletion
  • Put everyone in the right place about Marzipan's first appearance
  • Started Papes
  • Removed a Dangeresque costume from an Other Costumes page
  • Made Narrator Strong Bad a little better, before a user with no user page came all up on it and improved it even more
    • Thanks Flicky1991!
  • Cleaned up some image summaries

It's Cheatday? I just finished watching the cheatday email! I like when it's Cheatday!

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