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Hey, I'm me, F123979. I have been a huge Homestar Runner fan for who knows how many years. I'm a novice flash cartoon personage love working with. I get 11/10thssss of my inspareationage from the Homestar Runner to make my flash cartoons and hate being flamed for my opinions/lack of skill with editing new hrwiki pages (With exactly 0 recorded times of this happening.



[edit] Its a me

I have many, many pet peeves, small needs, and important assassination information that have there own spreadsheets even. You may come and see them, but beware

[edit] Spiders

Ok, I admit it, I am terrified of spiders. But dude they are freaking scary. The little creeps walk up to you and bite you on the face or make a colony under your bed.

[edit] Pet Peeeeeeves!!!!

Peeved Reason To the side
Siblings They watch every little thing you do on your computer, touch your stuff, tell the girl you like what you think of her ect. And playing with my user notes page!!!
People I can not begin to describe how these bloody meatbag humans annoy me. They do everything the siblings do 10 fold then tell your boss that you drained the water cooler as a prank. Then there's my family who do all of the above and still won't let me look at my christmas presents before the day comes.
Rumble Red The communist fool whom we all generally dislike They don't have an F123979 on his planet
Slow Computers 2 hours later and I still haven't loaded my recycle bin. *Sigh* Lost all the work on my final project at the same time.
Cliff Hangers I want to freaking no what happens next!! Will F123979 edit everything he sees secretly causing havoc for mods? Tune in next week...
Deadlines I don't understand why people need things now? I could always cure cancer tomorrow. What difference would it make? "'You have to shoot the enemy troops NOW soldier.' 'Why can't I shoot them after we've lost?'"War video game I once played
Lack of comedic taste Those who are of the "I think I'm the funniest guy in the world yet I'm not." *Cough*like me*Cough*
Flamers, spammers, n00bs. Though I qualify for all when I just start out on something, after I've become experienced these kinds of people really get on my nerves. You can call me a hypocrite or something as soon as I have acted like this. Flamers are the most annoying to me FYI.

[edit] Stuff I like

Not on my interests list.

Those is also a long list of stuff which I do particularly like, many of them include video games, junk food, and the occasional beige op. Though I particularly love them fancy flash movie making peoples. I've always thought it would be cool to be a great cartoonist like those chaps.

[edit] IT'S OVER 9000!!!

KIRBY!<("<)Author's note?!(>")>KIRBY! (The title means nothing I just like saying that.)

Intrest Reason To the side
Video games/ Internet games/ Bed axe Video games are the funnest most addicting thing(s(z)) ever, you can't deny it And who hasn't played bed axe and loved it?
Children's card games Now I don't know what your all thinking, but if I guessed, it would be something like "Who the **** plays Yu-gi-ohand Magic the Gathering?!" but I don't do it for the gameplay. These small pieces of hard paper and ink seem to be worth a great deal of dough. DND is for losers
ASCII art It's really fun to experiment with and to see what you can make Can you find my first attempts I've ever done hidden in the text?
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