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(portrait of a soul)
(or something)
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'''He's not as terrific of an athlete as you might think'''
'''He's not as terrific of an athlete as you might think'''
Czec out all my [[|contribulations]].
Czec out all my [|contribulations].

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portrait of a soul

or something

Not very many people love the evin290 He's not as terrific of an athlete as you might think

Czec out all my [1].


Homestar Stuff

Favorite Homestar Toon: Senor Mortgage Favorite Strong Bad Emails: virus, montage, for kids, different town, the bet, caffeine, mile, stunt double, crazy cartoon, interview, dragon, japanese cartoon. Favorite Character: Homsar Favorite Game: Shploitz Favorite Songs: Different Town, Because It's Midnite, Secret Song

Non-Homestar Stuff

Interests: Computers/Programming, Languages, Mathematics, Music/Composing, Theater/Musicals Non-Homestar Internet Likes: Starsphere (Kinda Went Bye-Bye,) Neopets (I know what you're gonna say,) Muffin Films Current Programming Languages: Visual Basic for Application (VBA Excel - Very good at this one!)Python (a bit,) javascript (a bit,) Perl (not too much,) HTML (not really a programming language,) PHP (Pretty much useless)

Some fun stuff

Toying with Language

I had a website a while back with hundreds of languages listed. It stated how to say a single useful sentence in all of these languages. Bear with me because I was very young. The sentence was "The monkeys are eating me"

  • Spanish: Los monos me están comiendo
  • French: Les singes me mangent
  • Italian: Le scimmie stanno mangiandolo
  • German: Die Affen essen mich
  • Portuguese: Os macacos estão comendo-me
  • Dutch: De apen eten me
  • Greek: Οι πίθηκοι με τρώνε
  • Russian: Обезьяны едят меня
  • Norwegian: Apekattene eter meg
  • Arabic: تأكلني القرود
  • Polish: maŁpa je mnie (singular monkey)

The website broke down, and I didn't save the files so I don't have the rest of the translations :-(

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