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For help using IRC, see Help:IRC

The purpose of this page is to compile a list of chat etiquette rules for the HRWiki channel. Any user is weclome to contribute out of his or her personal experience.


  • A good thing to do on the channel is starting to talk about a specific topic. Those can range from Homestar Runner and the wiki through politics and popular culture to computers and current events.
  • Be nice to your fellow chatters and wiki users.
  • Log in with the NickServ either before entering the channel or in a separate tab/window. Otherwise, one minor typo and everyone knows your password.


Failing to comply with the below guidelines may result in a channel kick or ban.

  • Don't flood. Flooding in a chat channel is repeating the same message over and over in a short period of time.
  • Don't alarm users for no reason. Some chat clients make a sound when the chatter's name is written. Also, don't notify a lot of users at the same time without having something meaningful to say to all of them.
  • Don't feed the trolls. If someone is spamming, cursing or causing trouble, contact one of channel's admins, a wiki sysop or any other respected user for help via a private messege. Don't tell the troll to stop, don't try to out-spam him or her, don't yell or curse back at him. It will only encourage the troll.
  • Don't post text that is more than 5 lines long. For text longer than that, use Pastebin.
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