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(A Little About Myself: updates and stuff. it's been a while.)
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<span style="color:white">I. Hate. Sauerkraut!</span>
<span style="color:white">I. Hate. Sauerkraut!</span>
[[Image:Image001.jpg|300px|thumb|[[User:DeFender1031|Blurry]] [[User talk:Elcool|photographic]] [[Wikipedia:Jerusalem|evidence]]]]
==A Little About Myself==
==A Little About Myself==

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Hold it. Control it. And buttons, come on, let's see you purge it!

The Clothy Clothé delivers European-sounding flair, with southeast-Asian-sounding prices.

I. Hate. Sauerkraut!


A Little About Myself


Greetings! Please let me introduce myself. My user name here, as you can probably see, is Elcool (I also used to be known as E.L. Cool, but shortened it for convenience). Outside of the WikiWorld and InternetLand I go by the name of Elad (IPA: [ʔel:ʕad]). Elad L. (hence the initials E. and L. on my user name). I hail from the State of Israel, just in the center of the Middle East and very much proud of it. As an Israeli, I am fluent in Hebrew and (pretty much in) English. כתחביב, אני אוהב לזרוק משפטים בעברית באמצע טקסט לועזי שאף אחד לא יבין.

I came to this world kicking and screaming on December twenty third, nineteen eighty seven. I studied visual communication and went to a stupid reality show once. I currently work for an economic news site doing graphics, trying to make a review show, and DMing for my group of friends.

I was first introduced to the world of Homestar Runner when I was in junior high, around the time dragon and japanese cartoon were out. If I remember correctly, I saw the toon I got linked to and did not continue to check the site out. After seeing more and more links, I wondered what the site is about and started exploring it for myself. At that time there was no index page and no navigation bar, so the first thing I watched was the intro. I was welcome to some main page and I felt like the whole site was laid there on my hands and I didn't knew what to make of it. For a minute or so I looked around and moused over the buttons, until I noticed the First Time Here? link. The rest is history.

After I watched everything at least twice, I jokingly typed in the first address I could think of:, At first I thought it was some kind of joke, like some of the Easter eggs, but after careful reading I found out it was actually a fan forum. I started reading it and was amazed at the sheer number of fans just like me, as anyone in my class I showed the site, did not like it. I registered as fast as I could and had my first real fan experience. Of course I now found out about the existence of far more Easter eggs then I knew about and some secret pages I completely did not know, like Matt cake and the like.

The .net forums died at it's peak, leaving for me a big gap to fill with a community devoted to Homestar Runner like they were. In November 2003 I found out about the old wiki and read some of it's articles. I was amazed at the amount of pinpoint precision in which all these people analyzed each toon. Sure, the consistency level and the standards were not as high as today, but it was still there - all the information, all the characters and all those secretes I liked so much. After some weeks of lurking around and seeing the site updates, I registered the nick name which I had since the sixth grade and made my user page. I was not accustomed to the inner workings of the wiki accidentally blanked the glossary but got off with only a warning.

That first experience scared me a bit, and therefor I did not edit much. That was until I once again made my usual daily visit to the wiki, only to find out about the new MediaWiki interface. So smooth and so shiny. I started reading talk pages and HRWiki namespace pages and got accustomed to the new standards. On April nineteenth, 2005 the first thing I made was a short, one-line user page and cast my vote on the April 2005 Sysop Nominations. I made more and more edits and several pages until on March eighth 2006 I was made part of the sysop team.

I also wrote the Hebrew article on Homestar Runner in the Hebrew Wikipedia, the Hebrew subtitles for the subtitles project, and created the (now defunct) The HRWiki Frappr group.

Thank you for reading, Elcool (talk)(contribs) א.ל. קול

Me and the Wiki

Page Creations and translation

Transcriptions and subtitles

Other Costumes

I took the Other Costumes pages as my little project, and I split it from all being one one page to the several it is now, and standardized them along with Joshua.
I put all the costumes in chronological order in the following pages:

I added a total of about 90 images of costumes and completely made the following pages:

Other Accomplishments

User Sub-Pages (and Other Related Stuff)

(Please do not edit those pages or any of their talk pages, unless specified otherwise)

List O' Very Awesome Users

(Listed in alphabetical order. Users can be awesome for reasons not listed here. Sysops and admins not listed because they all naturally rock)

You guys rock.

Project GHIIQ (pronounced ghick): Getting Homestar Into Israel, Quickly!

Currently working on spreading the Homestarmania here in Israel by making the Israeli Homestar Runner page in the Hebrew Wikipedia! Check it out (If you can...) here
Check this out: Google the words: Homestar Israel.

Project Timeline

This is the time line of the project since it began on 18.6.05.

Last Updated: 15.1.06.

And coming in at number 48.. It's Homestar!!
  • 18.6: Just finished the main characters and in the middle of TGS.
  • 19.6: Finished SCC and 1936. Can't wait to start on 20X6 :)
  • 22.6: Done with X6, started Cheat Commandos, but had to do other stuff. Will finish it later this day.
    • Done. Next: Dangeresque.
  • 23.6: Dangeresque is done. What's next? Are there any more character "worlds" I need to cover? Or sould I start with site history now?
  • 24.6: Trogdor and Friends translated to Hebrew very nicely. What next about the minor characters? Maybe Li'l Brudder.
    • Side note: I don't like it that Stinkoman and Trogdor got more lines than any main character. I need to change it sometime. Maybe tommorow; after all, Brudder isn't that big a toon, is he? (Done)
  • 1.7: Once the wiki went up again, done the Strong Bad Email section. Lookin' preaty good.
  • 2.7: PBTC and MAM are over, dude. Puppet stuff and Holiday specials tomorrow.
  • 3.7: Done with that. Is there enything else about the toons? I would realy like to start on the music section. (This thing is going to be bigger than the one in Wikipeida!! :D)
  • 6.7: Started completing the main characters. Homestar and Marzipan done. Will do the others when I come back from my driving lessons.
    • On about midnight I've Pom Pom too.
  • 8.7: Strong Bad. Broke up with my girl. Baaaa...(In Hebrew that "baaaa" would have a hard A. Like a sound of puke.)
  • 9.7: I gave 'em a good ol' kick in The Cheat.
    • Util CSI, made Strong Man Strong Sad.
  • 10.7: :COACH Z: Well we're good friends.
BUBS: But don't you steal my napkins.
COACH Z: I got fresh jams.
BUBS: But I get all the royalties.
COACH Z: {talking} I never agreed to that.
  • 11.7: Sorry, no update today. Going to the Maccabiah opening!
  • 12.7: I feel like Whatsit.. The Kot and his Poopsmith are ready and done.
  • 13.7: The main 12 are here as of now that I finnished Homsar. Tommorow: The worl... I mean the site's history!
  • 14.7: Woho!! Guess who made it to the fiftyth longest articles it Hebrew Wikipeida and not even finished his project? I DID!! (Oh, and I wrote the site's history...)
  • 15.7: The music section is a pretty big one. Took me a while to collect all the data from this wiki.. And this article is now at number 37 for the longest.
  • 17.7: I don't like my new games section. Too short.
  • 13.8: Almost a month without an update. Lazy! Lazy Elcool! Go to bed and no Homestar for a week!
  • 17.8: After a month of no updates, I made the section about Easter Eggs and secret pages. (I think the English Wikipeidia need to translate my article. it's much more detailed)
  • 11.9: A new section if done: Store. Give it up of number 20 on Hebrew Wikipedia's longest artical!
  • 28.9: I nominated it to be a featured article on Hebrew Wikipedia. If you can read Hebrew, you can watch the votes here. Corrent status: 1 votes for.
  • 1.10: The article went up to a higher level of voting, although no one else have voted for it. From now on, you can watch the votes in here.
  • 2.10: For: 1; Against: 1; Maybe: 1.
  • 4.10: For: 1; Against: 2; Maybe: 1.
  • 5.10: For: 1; Against: 4; Maybe: 1. (Well, at least they give me some pointers..)
  • 16.10: The votes are done, and declined. An archived version of the votes can be found here. The pointers:
    • Urgent need for grammer check by someone familiar with the subject.
    • Too Hebrish.
    • Too list-like and too long.
  • 28.10: Put it up for a clean-up.
  • 5.11: Remembered to post the update above :P
  • 15.1: Tom updated the logo to the new one.

Disgusting little chit-chats

I know I'm not a man with green and white stripes, but I do like to talk! We can discuss stuff via:

  1. My talk page
  2. My email
  3. My blog, Ganzakh (Hebrew)
  4. My deviantArt page
  5. Rishon LeZion: Why not meet face to face?



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