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My favorite quotes

"It's not much. I'm planning on redoing the kitchen." -Jibblies 2

"Sonic! I mean, tails!" - Kick-a-Ball

"Wait, who's that in his mouth? Homestar, did you eat Luigi?!" -Fan Costumes 06

"iT'S BOYS, ALRiGHT! iT'S ALWAYS BOYS!" -Cave Girl Squad

(translated form The Cheat language)"I'm the best!" - Halloween Potion-majig

"Oh, alright. Captain Falcon. I need you to find out what the crap Homestar's doing at the stick in O-15 minutes." -random crap with homestar runner 23

"Oh, a-It's-a Me, a-the chef-a! a-which one of you ordered-a the smack in the face-a?" -Date Nite

"Hecks no! I got Bowser on the ropes!" -TGS 10

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