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[edit] Overview


Erm... for those of you who don't get it, I named my username after the sound Homsar makes. Homsar's my favorite character.

[edit] What character am I?


[edit] Favorite Cartoons

[edit] Favorite Quotes

  • Homsar: "I've brought my best foot flowered. Pshoooo~" "I'm cryin' on the inside..." "DaAaAaAh! I'm a knock knock joke about jogging suits!" "Aaaaaaaaaah no! You just shanked mah jengaship!" "Hey, Tubbs! I just lost my jengajam."
  • Senor Cardgage: "My left name is tremendous savings, Ms. America!" "Carageenan, Monteljohn. Can you detect me to the nearest bus stamp?" "Bring on down your whole fambly! We'll set up some tents and hot dogs for your... babies. Those like those, right?" "You bet! How about I hit you on the slant?"
  • Bubs: "All my buses." "Oh. Uh... I'm a public flasher!" "CRABADONK! CRABADONK!" "No, I will not slice my fingers thin! I just wanna dang hambloiger!"
  • Coach Z: "Hoo-hah!" "You say tomater, I say tomadermorts." "Mmmmm! Drink in that bun!" "Oh. I guess I forgort to port. Oh! I guess I forgat to prat! Oh! Gorka fa pork!" "George Foreman?"
  • Strong Bad: "Explain to me how drowning them wouldn't ruin their date." "My name's Coach Z, and I've got a low crotch. My name's Homestaw and I walk on the spot! Everybody knows I'm the rappin' man! Evwybody knows I'm a painted twash can!" "Naw, it can't be heaven. There's not enough Twinkies." "All right, let's retrace our steps. We stole Homestar's melonade. You made pee-pee in said melonade. And now he's on a tiny ice flow in the middle of the Arctic somehow."
  • Homestar: "Uhm.... crapface." "Drinko some Malinko! Malinko flavored water! Crystal clear like domestic beer!" "Bubs! In federal prison? Coach Z! In juvenile prison!?"
  • Strong Sad: "Hey hey, Slosh-ay!" "Don't you touch that, Zabbita-BLOUGH!" "Your computer room is now my tai chi space. And it doubles as my chai tea space, too!"
  • The King Of Town: "He had a head like a big o~ld, round o~ld, nasty o~ld, egg!"

[edit] Bottom 10

Strong Bad's Duaah's

10. Flamers. Freakin' trolls. FFFFFFFF
9. Bullies. Eh. I've just never found the point in name calling.
8. People who overuse emoticons.
7. Leetspeakers. They think they're better than everyone else, just because they don't know how to type well so they make numbers and say they're letters.
6. Spilling soda on your keyboard.
5. Sugar free candy. No sugar? It's not candy!
4. Running out of things to put in a bottom ten.
3. Diet Soda. Stupid freakin' rip offs.
2. That horrible trash can in my baby sister's room. Diapery... Death... jibblyjibblyjibbly.
1. Animal abusers. That... kind of speaks for itself.


fweakin' marshmallow.