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Until we meet again, just remember this for me; '''CYAN IS NOT ''BLUE!'''''
Until we meet again, just remember this for me; '''CYAN IS NOT ''BLUE!'''''
And LeetSpeak is the best speak.

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About Me

How it's going? I'm Cy4nIsNotBlue. You can call me either Syan (The name of my mascot) or Cy4n though, either works. I discovered Homestar Runner in May 27th, 2021, but I never knew there was a forum until this year. I love animals & video games, so I usually play some animal MMOs.

How I Found Out About Homestar Runner

How I found Homestar Runner was a from a simple day in May. I was on the one & only TVTropes! I was looking at the Battle For Dream Island page (Another obscure web-series, it's inspired by H*R!) when I read this line: "Inspired by Total Drama Island in premise, and Homestar Runner in art style and animation style." The Homestar Runner part was a hyperlink. "What's Homestar Runner?" I curiously thought to myself. "Click it" my mind told me, so click it I did. And thus, I discovered the awesomeness that is Homestar Runner!

How I Discovered The Wiki & Forums

While looking up things Homestar Runner related, I always tended to click on this very same website I am typing on right now. "THERE'S A HOMESTAR RUNNER WIKI?!" I thought the first time I clicked. Eventually, I found out how to register, and I showed no hesitation. (Well, I did stop to think about my username for a around a minute) Then I found out about the forums, neat. I tried signing in, at first I was confused why I couldn't. Then I realized that the forums & wiki were not connected. Forums are just the best, aren't they? So, using my same wiki username I signed up for there too. Which leads me to now, a "Homestar Runneraboo" according to my dad; a title that I am somewhat proud of for the most part.


Until we meet again, just remember this for me; CYAN IS NOT BLUE!

And LeetSpeak is the best speak.
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