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Hello. I am Cupetsrus, if you have not noticed. Feel free to write comments on any of the topics.



I am cutepetsrus. Ummm....

to tell you the truth I really don't feel like writing a lot, so... mmmm...

Yeeeeees.... no, I have no idea why I am still here. I kind of what to put some stuff on here... but, without HTML (well, I guess this is HTML, but not really what I'm used to) or C or Java or microworlds I don't really have any idea of what I'm doing. None. And don't want to learn a new language neither... either.

What I do on this site

Mainly, I use it to check for updates. For some reason, takes a while to really be updated. Like, three days after the e-mail came out it will finally say "strongbad e-mail" so... this site is less... sticky in my browser cache.

I am totally in love with TBC and their work, so I like reading all the stuff people dug up about them.... but I'm really not like the groupie type. I just think they're totally awesome for what they are doing.

I also help if I see something that somebody overlooked (which is not a lot, you guys do great on this site) i'll make a comment, and if someone agrees I'll add it.

Who am I?



What else what else what else.... OH! I'm always open for a conversation, so you can just talk to me 'bout whatever.

A little too far?

I know I probably be beaten to a bloody pulp for saying this, but doesn't anyone else think that the wiki hass gone a little to far? I mean, they know sooo much about the works of TBC and TBC themselves! It doesn't seem so much like a nice funny website then a TV show, where someone has to analyze everything about it. I think you guys have worked really hard, but... has it gone too far?

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