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Hey. I am not a major contributor, but I love the website. My name is Jacob and I live in Wisconsin.

Favorite stuff

Character: Strong Bad or Senor Cardgage Senor_Cartgage_Profile.PNG

Toon: Probably "Bug in Mouth Disease" Bug_in_mouth.PNG

Short: Senorial Day senorialday.png

Email: Do Over sbemail130.png

TGS: Numba 9 ilsg.PNG

Main Page: Number 20 Main20.PNG

Favorite Quotes

Homestar - "I'm practicing closing my eyes, I'm not very good at it though" sbemail boring...(really)

Homsar - "I'm the captain of the gravy train, pshoo" Homsar's character video

Senor Cardgage - "My left name is "Tremendous Savings", Ms. America!" Senorial Day

Strong Sad - "OHGH! Somebody hit me on the slant!" Senorial Day

Strong Bad - "It might be for you, but... you're... a butt." TrogdorCon' '97

Coach Z - "Come on, Strong Sad, I knows you can do it! Just cram a little oom-pah down your pants, and you'll be up that rope in no times!" A Folky Tale

Bubs - "This is just fine!" Bug In Mouth Disease

Marzipan - "Aren't you supposed to have pecs?' sbemail suntan

See Ya Later, Alligators!

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