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So I think I should have a start at my user page at last. There's not that much interesting to know about me, but let's see... I'm 25 years old, female, and I live in Essen which is part of the Ruhr. In my (currently very ample) spare time, I like to write songs and poems, draw cartoons, read comic books (mainly Spider-Man, although I stopped reading those after Brand New Day) or do other boring things. ;) I also like books, but I rarely can effort to buy new ones, so I have to reread them every now and then. I'm particularly interested in paranormal or scientific books (yes, they can be combined), but I also enjoyed Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide and Tom Sawyer among other.

I hope I'll be more helpful to the wiki in time. Maybe I'll try some of the missing commentary transcripts. I guess I could do that.


I noticed that I probably come across as rather unfriendly and pedantic. I just want you people to know that I don't mean to be that way. I mean, yes, I am pedantic, but I really don't want to get anybody down or something. Let's just say I have issues. It's nothing personal.

[edit] My contributions so far:

I mostly spellcheck the German subtitles and fix the untranslated pieces here and there. I do also translate some subs myself. The subs I translated up to this point are:

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