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Im back people... no applause needed

Welcome to me! My userpage!

This userpage has been vandalized a total of 1 time!
That's me!

Haldo, everypeoples! My name cash money tc. Novice composer, game-player, and girlfriend-haver. I'm in drumline at my school, and am a rollarcoaster enthusiast. Be warned: My spelling is "the suck," so this page'll have mistakes. Also, I was the second terrible Homestar on Fan Costumes '09. I occasionly contribute to the forum and used to be of the Fanstuff wiki!

My favorite sports are Golf, and Hockey. I also like the teams OKC Thunder, Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Royals, and (due to a lack of other games) the Dallas Stars.... or maybe the Detroit Red Wings. I strongly dislike the Lakers and the Yankees.

I am an admin and the co-founder of Strongbadiathefree. I also have a wedcomic: The Adventures of Pie Man. Read it OR DIE!

Some of my skills

Things I particularly proud of

Fanstuff I've made or am making

Bottom Ten

  1. Flat-bill gangsta punk hats. Look, you're not automaticly a gangsta if you wear one. What I don't get, is why little kids wear 'em. I went to our local amusment park, and EVERY KID under the age of 7 had one on."
  2. People who call Call of Duty COD. "Hey man, yo wanna play some COD?" "Why in the heck would I want to play a fish?"
  3. Vista being uncooporative. "I just finished this cartoon! I've worked on it all day. Wait... why is my computer frozen?"
  4. Summer Homework. *cough*Farenhiet451*cough*
  5. Um... not... not the wiki. 'Nuff said
  6. Liberals I just dislike their policies, not the actual people.
  7. People who don't like/are not aware of The Beatles. Respect the classsics man, and no I'm not living in the past.
  8. Being forced by my friend to go to the movies with him and his girlfriend. Can you say "awkward"? I mean, it doesn't exactly help that they always go see "The Last Song"
  9. Having things that you think will take a few minuets turn into an all-day affair.
  10. Text message conversations where half of it is sending variations of the word "yeah" back and forth. Cause I've had plenty of those.



  • Close to the Edge (Yes), 2112 (Rush) Long Distance Runaround (Yes), Hey Jude (The Beatles)

Video Games?

  • Black Ops, Sam and Max

TV Shows?

  • Lost, Fraiser, Green Acers

HR Toon?

  • On Break, Myths and Legends

Me Elsewhere

Userpage game

It's gone. I killed it.

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