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Haldo! I am a fellow HRWiki member, and member of many fanbases. I consider that I would be a mix of Strong Sad, Strong Bad, The Cheat, and Homsar.


History of Homestar and I

Around 2008 is when I started hearing about Homestar as a very obscure household name. My first experience was seeing Wiiviewer reviewing SBCG4AP on his youtube. I barely knew anything else other then Strong Bad was a cool guy. Seriously.

It was not until 2013 I started watching sbemails. Anyways, I started to visit the website to watch the sbemails. Though, I went to the First Time Here video, like most do. After the "It's Dot Com!" line, I knew I would be hooked. For a long time. Anyways, after a week of sbemail only, I decided to watch some of the main toons, and shorts, after of course I watched all 11 video characters. This doesn't include Homsar, as I never found out he had a character video until later. But, even then, he grew to the top of my favorites for the amount of off-the-wall he is.

The 200-acre Cemetery rhat's been behind The King Of Town's Castle all this time

If anybody who I was friends with IRL or on Tumblr (which is likely tumblr) commits suicide, and gets confirmed dead, a shrine will be put in their very honor. Nobody died yet. Thank Homestar...

Minecraft Server

I do have a minecraft server, but due to IP finding issues and also possible connection issues, I can't really give the IP for you guys. Sawray.

Social Sites

  • tumblr: camwoodstock
  • Youtube: camwoodstock
  • deviantArt: Jadesprite413
  • Minecraft Name: CheriCam777
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