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hello my name is bassium! my name is the power of bass from the mega man series so it's his power, and i pronouce bass' name like the fish. well i like grammar alot but it is still new to me. i'am also a member of and it would be cool if you joined there to. File:the punk-o-matic.PNG


Favorite Emails

(it seem's everybody doing this so)


I need a new email yeah so good bye

my thought's

i think the email's 4 you are stupid and all those email things that give you an email i think it would be better if someone just emailed you out of curiosty or just felt like it.

the point system's are kind of cool.

i thought lunar jesters was inactive and also hagura however you spell it.

i like my hoomstarrunner art at the contest were you make it out of the / and\ it's pretty fun.

but just because i hate em' doesen't mean i won't write em'.

that's all for now.

Batman begin's

I'm going to go see the batman begin's movie. So i'll begone pretty much all day. And there's really no point in telling yall this. Bassium! m OCE

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