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Strong Bad is a bad guy, etc. Marshie is a bad guy, etc, Trogdor is a bad bad guy!

(Formerly All of Marzipan's Friends) I started watching Homestar Runner in 2004, when my sister showed me Teen Girl Squad issues 1-5. The first toon I watched to focus on major Homestar characters was Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon. Not counting Sick Day or the sample in PAY PLUS!, the first Strong Bad Email I watched in its entirety was theme park, and that was in mid-2006. Here is my YouTube channel. My birthday is January 12. My favorite toons include Bug in Mouth Disease, Experimental Film, and Pumpkin Carve-nival. Among my favorite emails are vacation, caper, and hiding. My favorite toons in the minor categories are Dangeresque Puppet Squad, New Boots, Teen Girl Squad Issue 11, and Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 6.0. My favorite SBCG4AP episode is Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, but I do appreciate the epic scale of 8-Bit is Enough.


Articles I wrote

  • My first article attempted to note times Strong Badia was mistaken for Free Country, but it was put up for deletion within the second day of its existence. Since the only reason I made it was to see if others felt its existence was necessary, I gave them permision to remove it. The closest remain is Strong Badia#Emails involving Strong Badia, which briefly mentions people mistaking Strong Badia for Free Country.

Fun Facts

  • I don't like to count copying and pasting content from one article (like Lack of Visible Arms) into another (Lack of Visible Body Parts in this case) as writing an article.
  • "Taranchula Black Metal Detector" was my first article to survive a deletion discussion.
  • When I wrote "Around the Field", it was just a section of Homestar Ruiner. Credit for giving the video its own article goes to  Green Helmet.


The Best Images I Uploaded

For other images, see this log.

Characters and Quotes

I rank the Homestar characters, from best to worst, in a way similar to this:


I believe Free Country's entrepreneur and trademark dancer has done too many hilarious things for me to name.

Homestar Runner

I love how ridiculously he can act.

Strong Bad

I find him amusing enough to host the fan mail show, but I think sometimes he can get carried away with insanity.

The Cheat

He can be both scheming and adorable.

Strong Sad

He didn't reach this high until I watched Experimental Film.

Pom Pom

He fell right in the middle because he doesn't get enough appearances, but what he does get is enjoyable.


I especially like her when she acts crazy and/or tough.


I like him for a crazy clone.

Coach Z

He used to be my least favorite because it felt like all his gags revolved around his accent, but his other gags are pretty cute.

The King of Town

The times I liked him the most were when he wallowed in self-pity like when he tried to check his e-mail.

The Poopsmith

His prescence dumbs down the humor, but his obscure pop culture references are still interesting..

Strong Mad

He's pretty hilarious a few times, and they got me to pity him in that one scene from Where's The Cheat?, but it feels like all his gags involve screaming, and it started to get very tiring after a few years.

Emails I sent

I must note that the wording might not have been exactly like this, and I did not actually sign any with asterisks.

(no subject)

Dear Strong Bad,
If Free County (sic) held elections, what would the commercials be like?
M********, WI

Subject: my idea for the 200th email

Dear Strong Bad,
Did you guys ever attempt to journey to Internet's end?
M********, WI

Subject: switch bodies

Dear Strong Bad,
What would you and Strong Sad do if you woke up in each others' bodies and the earliest you could switch back was a week?
M********, WI

Subject: The End

Is Strong Bad Email over?

Subject: Teen Girl Squad

Dear Homestar,

For years I have wondered what Teen Girl Squad would be like if one of the other characters tried to write it. Could you try to make a comic about the Squad?

M********, WI

Forum Signatures

  • Introducing the spicy crispy chicken melt. Because you people stopped buying the crispy chicken melt.
  • I'm about to win! Aww. I'm about to win! Aww. I'm seriously about to win! Again with the aww.
  • I can't believe I'm still being eaten! This is taking so much longer than I expected!
  • This is our new TV! Cathode ray tubes, y'all!
  • Blah, Strong Bad, blah! I'm a crappy stuntman!
  • R is for raisins. They give me bad gas. Z is too hard, so on this one, I'll pass. I is for Inchiladas.
  • I can't decide between the sandwich with the gumball in the center, or the one shaped like there's a bite taken out of it.
  • Hey, I was thinking that right here would be a great place for a casino or a dinosaur to happen!
  • Homestar Ruiner had too many good quotes for me to choose from, so this signature will merely preserve the main page message accompanying the release:
    Image:update-mp.pngwii/pc game out today!
  • I gotta stop having those nightmares where I'm trapped in an elevator with Milkmaid Homestar.
  • Turns out that wasn't ketchup in the ketchup fountain!
  • Oh, it's a beautiful day to be on the sun...
  • Say it with me, The Cheat.
Licensed video games are never good.
  • Thank God I didn't take bets that the end of Homestar Runner is near.
  • You mean the whole last season was a dream?! They shoulda just had babies, and then the babies shoulda gotten married.
  • You couldn't kick your way out of lookin' at a thing in a bag!
  • Oh, The Cheat, where you goin' to?
And once you get there, what you think you gonna do?
  • This thing's top of the line! It's got two contrast knobs!
  • Making sense is not part of my mission plan, soldier!
  • Are you suggesting my hat is inside my hat?
  • You're gonna have to share a bafroom with some kid from Alabama that kinda sucks.
The financial aid office is closed on Tuesdays and steer clear of the beef stroganoff at the dining hall!
  • Edgy and angry, so deadly and jangly!
There's new demographics/When nobody asked for it!
  • Nothing crams Decemberween cheer like the annual lighting of the lights attached to a pole in a tree-shaped fashion.

Unused Signatures

  • Have you seen my toenail clippings? I left them right on top of your toothbrush.
  • Please phrase your pumpkin in the form of no paint daubs!
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