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Always Remember 2 Never Forget (Ar2nF)

!!!!!!!!IMPORTANT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monitored of a news website that is currently down, which I can't remember the name to.

Man's Homestar Runner Wikipedia account stolen! A man that is on the internet that goes by the name of Steward Penguin said he rembered going to a phising website, disguised as a online game website. “I can't believe how vulernable I was to go on a website that look so trusted, then later discovered my identity was stolen on the internet.”-Steward Penguin. The group of people were spreading links to various Homestar Runner Wikipedia users; and sucking their credit cards, their e-mail adresses, etc; and using them to distribute pirated video games. The members of the group were arrested, and face 20 years in prison. And the Homestar Runner Wikipedia account being suspended or not has not been decided yet. (just in case this story is fake)

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