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Anyway, I'm not much of a HR fan, just a bit. To be truthful, I found Homestar by accident when I was doing an image search for drinks in a search for pictures for my desktop, and stumbled upon a link. Thing is, I showed my sister, then 9, and now SHE is a huge fan, who has been drawing prehistoric Homestar characters and the like. (She found this wiki, not me.) Aside from this, I've made 1 post on the main part, which got delorted in about 2 hours, and I likely don't have anything relevant that isn't already on the wiki. (To be fair, my singular comment WAS based on personal experience, and I doubt even my family knows about it.) Don't expect the world from me. Or a trophy.

Actually, due to my tendency to stay up late, I found myself awake and at my computer when Teen Girl Squad #12 came online, so I was able to contribute (if only slightly) to the glob of work involved in putting its article up. I didn't actually write any of the TGS 12 article, but I added some of the new characters introduced in that toon. I've also done a little gnomework here and there.

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