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Hello, I am a longtime watcher and a recent-time editor! I mainly do some grammar cleanup here and there, or wherever I notice it. If I manage to get to it early enough, I may provide entire transcripts if I am allowed!

Speaking of transcripts, this is what I typed raw in the hours before I got approved to be a member of the wiki. It's for Fan Costumes 2015. If you approve of this, let me know on my talk page.

{The lights turn off, the screen lowers, and the slideshow starts. The first image shows someone dressed as Strong Bad, holding a Blubb-O's bag. He is standing next to a Star Wars rebel fighter.}

STRONG BAD: This is Red 5. I'm going in. To the mall. Where my child will do all of their trick or treating. Because even though I live in the suburbs, I'm terrified of my neighbors. Hey, does that mall really have a Blubb-O's at the food court?

{A picture of a Thick 'n Nasty filled with orange and black candy in the burger patty appears.}

BLUBB-O'S ANNOUNCER: Yes, it's the Blubb-O's Thick-or-Treat Burger! Get it now while it's still legal.

{The sandwich goes away and next image appears. A young man dressed as Strong Bad is wearing a wife beater undershirt with Sharpie abs drawn on.}

STRONG BAD: Hey, this one's not bad! This guy's wearing a limited edition Ab Ab-Beater undershirt! Keep on triumphantly uppercutting the air in front of you, brother.

{The next image appears. A woman wearing a white beanie and a sloshy shirt is sitting on her bed reading a record album.}

STRONG BAD: Hey, how did you manage to dress up as exactly-right-now-this-very-moment Strong Sad?

{The image fades to a scene of Strong Sad in the exact same pose as the previous image.}

STRONG SAD: {singing} I'm not the kind that needs to tell you...

{The image fades back to the costume before the next image appears. This next image depicts someone poorly dressed as Homestar.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, come on, you guys.

{The next image appears. This one has someone more poorly dressed up as Strong Bad.}

STRONG BAD: {becoming annoyed} Oh, come on, you guys!

{The next image appears. Another person is even more poorly dressed as Homestar.}

STRONG BAD: {growing more annoyed} Augh! Come on, you guys! You young kids need to start putting forth at least a little effort. Take a cue from some of the older fans, like this guy here-

{The next image features someone dressed in white tights, a Homestar tee shirt and a black propeller cap. His arms are behind his back.}

STRONG BAD: Bloughf, l-less effort! Less effort!

{The next image appears. The same man now is holding his arms out to his sides.}

MAN: Huh, hey, hey!

STRONG BAD: {with uncertainty} Yeah, I dunno either, man! I dunno why... you would do this to yourself. You just keep on laughing there, Tights in the Hallway.

{The image slides back to Strong Sad.}

STRONG SAD: {singing} Tights in the hallway... doom chacka doom chacka doom chacka doom!

{The next image appears. A person is wearing a simple sling-over board that says "THE POPULAR VOTE" on it.}

STRONG BAD: Woah, the Popular Vote! This guy wins the contest for {The Cheat wearing his Popular Vote costume appears to the right of the image} most obscure costume, and swankiest living room. {The Cheat goes offscreen} Look at that fancy mirror and baby grand piano. I'm surprised your parents let you slum it as one of our characters.

{A drawing of a tanned blond man's head appears to the left of the slide.}

DAD: Darling, I thought you'd agreed to dress up as a... a... {holds up a Toblerone chocolate bar labeled "Tobes"} Toblerone... this year.

{The drawing of the supposed father disappears.}

STRONG BAD: Those are still considered fancy, right?

{The next image appears. A man dressed as Dangeresque minus Strong Bad's mask-face and holding a nunchuck gun is standing on an ottoman and a door handle to appear to be jumping.}

STRONG BAD: {imitating Dangeresque} Looks like I'm gonna have to stand on the door handle of this weird storage rooooom! {normal voice} No, but seriously, man, I just wanna thank you. Mainly for not being...

{The next image appears. A man is dressed crappily as Dangeresque, but with a mask.}

STRONG BAD: ...this guy. And I wanna thank you for not being...

{The next image appears. This man is dressed even more horribly as Strong Bad.}

STRONG BAD: ...this guy. Come on, man! Have you ever actually looked at me? Or did you just sorta, like, hear about me from someone? {imitating the man in a hillbilly accent} I dunno, he got a hard hat and a strappy face maybe. Any excuse to put on my MMA gloves and my tore-up jeans.

{The next image appears. A man is wearing a "homsar" shirt and a yellow bowler hat.}

STRONG BAD: This is an extremely accurate Homsar costume. Maybe not so much in appearance. More in... life choices.

{The slide zooms in on the wall on the left side of the frame.}

STRONG BAD:: {imitating Homsar} AAAaaaAAAaaaAAAaaaAAA! I stick a Q on the wall by the dream catchers!

{The slide zooms out to show the whole image again.}

STRONG BAD: Wait, woah!! That's a {the image zooms in on a water cooler on the right side of the frame this time} dead-on Humidibot costume!!

{The scene changes to the field. Strong Bad heavily resembles the previous Strong Bad costume. Humidibot slides in towards Strong Bad.}

HUMIDIBOT: {water splashing as it talks} Hey, Strong Bad! I'm Humidibot!

STRONG BAD: Yeah, I'm aware of that, Humidibot!

HUMIDIBOT: Okay, because I'm gonna leave now!

{Humidibot moves offscreen.}

STRONG BAD: Bye, Humidibot!

{Homestar walks onscreen resembling the first Homestar costume.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey, regular Strong Bad.

STRONG BAD: Hey, all the time Homestar.

{The scene cuts back to the basement with six more images on the slide.}

STRONG BAD: {beat} I couldn't... I couldn't think of anything for these ones. That one Homsar guy looked like my dentist. So that's creeping me out.

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